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All Saints' Wake (2011)

All Saints' Wake Event Icon.pngAll Saints' Wake - 2011
Event Timeline:
Tuesday, October 18, 2011 (1:00 a.m. (PDT)) to Tuesday, November 1, 2011 (7:59 a.m. (PDT))
Pumpkin Head Icon.png Pumpkin Head
Ripened Pumpkin Head Icon.png Ripened Pumpkin Head
Unripened Pumpkin Head Icon.png Unripened Pumpkin Head
White Pumpkin Head Icon.png White Pumpkin Head
Years-old Pumpkin Cookie Icon.png Years-old Pumpkin Cookie

How to Participate

Treat Basket

Imps have invaded the three city-states! Don't worry though, these Imps are fairly benign, and their mischief seems to only be affecting everyone else. You've been tasked with tracking them down and solving their riddles!

Any of the following NPCs marked on the maps below are your source of information and event quest starters. The quest is the same regardless of which nation you've received it from. Additionally, with the quest active you can partake in the event in any city-state.

Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks Gridania Ul’dah Merchant Strip
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks Gridania Ul’dah Merchant Strip


Trickster Imp disguised as Suspicious Spouse
Trickster Imp out of disguise

Locate Trickster Imps

  • Speak with any one of the event NPCs to begin the event.
  • Seek out disguised imps and participate in their riddles.
    • Disguised imps only appear roughly between 19:00~5:00 game time.
      • There will be an audible cackling laugh and dark fog looms over the city
    • They will appear in random order at fixed locations all over the city.
    • They appear as normal NPCs with a generic name starting with the word "Suspicious", such as "Suspicious Songstress" or "Suspicious Scholar".
    • As they spawn, they announce themselves in the /say, such as "Trickster Imp: Life... Dreams... Imps... Where do they come from? And where do they go?" or "Trickster Imp: An imp, you say? I could've sworn I saw one nearby not a moment ago. Ahee hee hee!".
    • If untouched for a certain amount of time, they would announce themselves in /say as their disguised character, such as "Suspicious _____: Ahee hee hee!".
  • Speak to the disguised imp to transform it back into a trickster.
  • The imp will prompt you with a riddle (See the table below for a list of possible questions/answers).
    • Answer correctly and the imp award you with 9 cookies, disappear, and drop a Treat Basket, which anyone participating in the quest can grab 3 cookies out of, including you
      • Treat baskets last approximately 30 game minutes.
    • Answer incorrectly and no cookies or treat baskets will be awarded.
  • Collect enough cookies to trade the event NPC for the rewards!

Old Pumpkin Cookie Icon.pngPumpkin Cookies
Pumpkin Head Icon.pngPumpkin Head (for 3 Pumpkin Cookies)
Unripened Pumpkin Head Icon.pngUnripened Pumpkin Head (for 10 Pumpkin Cookies)
White Pumpkin Head Icon.pngWhite Pumpkin Head (for 50 Pumpkin Cookies)
Ripened Pumpkin Head Icon.pngRipened Pumpkin Head (for 99 Pumpkin Cookies)

Imp Riddles

Question Possible Answers Question Possible Answers

Full many men hath it consigned to heaven,
Brandished aloft by the white hand of seven.
Of what do I speak?

  • Gunhalberd
  • Gunblade
  • Gunmacuahuitl
  • Annihilator
  • Death Penalty

And from ashes of pain and ruin shall rise
An undying Flame to drive dark from men's eyes.
Of where do I speak?

  • Ala Mhigo
  • Brittlebark
  • Sharlayan
  • Ul'dah
  • RadzatHan

One of three and one for all,
With horns to heed the forest's call.
Who am I?

  • Kan-E-Senna
  • E-Sumi-Yan
  • E-Una-Kotor
  • O-App-Pesi
  • O-Isam-Nene

Hues of madness now cloud his visage,
Once loyal companion, in heaven at large.
Of whom do I speak?

  • Dalamud
  • Keepers of the Moon
  • Menphina
  • Moenskaet
  • Nightwolves

'Neath boughs intertwined, when day melts to night,
A beckoning flame offers the weary respite.
Of where do I speak?

  • The Roost
  • The Coffer & Coffin
  • The Quicksand
  • The Mizzenmast Inn
  • The Red Rooster Stead

Riddles of blue doth this lone flower solve,
Atop her bright spire 'midst a wan sea of wolves.
Of whom do I speak?

  • Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn
  • Y'shtola
  • Kan-E-Senna
  • Momodi Modi
  • Joukil Halfmoor

She teaches of that to which Man is a thrall.
She hath one condition and yet none at all.
Of whom do I speak?

  • Menphina
  • Azeyma
  • Llymlaen
  • Nophica
  • Nymeia

Fire rains from the sky as a proud people fall,
Leaving nary a scream from behind the dark wall.
Of when do I speak?

  • 15 summers past
  • 5 summers past
  • 10 summers past
  • 12 summers past
  • 100 summers past

Knowledge is gold and gold is not free.
One must part with his coin to see it increase.
Of what do I speak?

  • The Mythril Eye
  • The Dreamer's Gospel
  • The Harbor Herald
  • The Raven
  • The Sultana Sun Times

“Show me my path!” pled the beggared man, crying.
Quoth the Man at the Gates, “Get rich or die trying!”
Of where do I speak?

  • The Coffer & Coffin
  • Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern
  • The Horn & Hand
  • Locke & Lynch
  • Naldiq & Vymelli's

They cast off the shroud, for its dew can perish
The burden of metal and rock they cherish.
Of whom do I speak?

  • Coblyns
  • Crabs
  • Galagos
  • Funguars
  • Morbols

As waters recede, five voices ring out.
A new vision of life from the seed doth sprout.
Of when do I speak?

  • The Sixth Astral Era
  • The Fifth Umbral Era
  • The Sixth Umbral Era
  • The Seventh Astral Era
  • The Seventh Umbral Era

Fifty score cries yet nary a sound.
A demon awaits but cannot be found.
Of where do I speak?

  • Toto-Rak
  • Fen-Yll
  • Gwyr-Aen
  • Mun-Tuy
  • Tam-Tara

A rift in the realm swallows dragons and men,
While metal doth march unto its own end.
Of where do I speak?

  • Dzemael Darkhold
  • Craneperch Tower
  • Skyfire Locks
  • Shposhae
  • The Bowl of Embers

Never so loud is the proud cutters' song
As to drown out the whispers of spirits scarred long.
Of where do I speak?

  • Treespeak
  • Alder Springs
  • Lasthold
  • Longroot
  • Silent Arbor

North of the knoll and south of the steel,
The land wakens to life at his thunder's peal.
Of whom do I speak?

  • Great Buffalo
  • Deadeyes
  • Elder Mosshorn
  • Tarbh Uisge
  • Zanig'oh

From across white waves they defy holy fury,
With sword and shield to serve as their jury.
Of whom do I speak?

  • The Dragons of Dravania
  • The Amalj'aa of Zahar'ak
  • The Highlanders of Ala Mhigo
  • The kobolds of O'Ghomoro
  • The goblins

Full rueful of heart, their faces they hide,
Lest the Land should espy the sin held inside
Of whom do I speak?

  • Wood Wailers
  • Brass Blades
  • Gods' Quiver
  • Scarlet Lancers
  • Yellowjackets

From the break of the strait to the stones of the wise,
From the reds oh-so-sour to the oh-so-sweet whites.
Of where do I speak?

  • Bloodshore
  • Bald Knoll
  • Bearded Rock
  • Iron Lake
  • Skull Valley

In bellies of iron, quiet suffering breeds,
Blind to all mercy, though they've three eyes to see.
Of whom do I speak?

  • Garleans
  • Kobolds
  • Goblins
  • Hellsguard
  • Sylphs