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All Saints' Wake (2021)

All Saints' Wake 2021 was delayed due to COVID-19, and took place in early 2022. For organization reasons this event retains its "2021" naming. All Saints' Wake was cancelled completely in 2020.
All Saints' Wake Event Icon.pngAll Saints' Wake - 2021
Event Timeline:
Thursday, January 20, 2022 12:00 a.m. to Wednesday, February 2, 2022 06:59 a.m. (PST)  (Source)
All Saints' Wake (2021) Event Header.png

All Clowns' Wake

The Adventurers' Guild investigator is on the lookout for a suspiciously scary personage.

Achievementicon.png Achievement(s): The Winners Club
Clown's Boots Icon.png Clown's Boots
Clown's Bottoms Icon.png Clown's Bottoms
Clown's Hat Icon.png Clown's Hat
Clown's Shortgloves Icon.png Clown's Shortgloves
Clown's Top Icon.png Clown's Top
Haunted Pumpkin Set Icon.png Haunted Pumpkin Set
Magicked Prism (Pumpkin) Icon.png Magicked Prism (Pumpkin)
Modern Cosmetics - Clowning Around Icon.png Modern Cosmetics - Clowning Around
Old Pumpkin Cookie Icon.png Pumpkin Cookie
Pumpkin Flower Vase Icon.png Pumpkin Flower Vase
Related Quests (2)
Name Rewards Patch
&000000000000001500000015&0000000000000218000000218&00000000000000060000006.0&000000000006953100000069,531All Clowns' WakeAll Saints' Wake Event Icon.pngAll Clowns' WakeSpacer2.png (Level &000000000000001500000015)

Adventurers' Guild Investigator - Old Gridania - Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre (x:10.4, y:8.5)

Expicon.png1,440Gil Icon.png698

&00000000000000060000006.0&000000000006953100000069,531&000000000000001500000015All Clowns' Wake
&000000000000001500000015&0000000000000219000000219&00000000000000060000006.0&000000000007005600000070,056A Feast to RememberAll Saints' Wake Event Icon.pngA Feast to RememberSpacer2.png (Level &000000000000001500000015)

Adventurers' Guild Investigator - Central Shroud - Bentbranch - Bentbranch Meadows (x:21.4, y:21.4)

Pumpkin Cookie
Modern Cosmetics - Clowning Around

&00000000000000060000006.0&000000000007005600000070,056&000000000000001500000015A Feast to Remember
NPC Involvement (53)
Adventurers' Guild Investigator (2016)
Captive Soul (A)
Captive Soul (B)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 1A)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 1B)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 1C)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 1D)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 1E)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 1F)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 1G)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 1H)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 1I)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 1J)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 2A)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 2B)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 2C)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 2D)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 2E)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 2F)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 2G)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 2H)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 2I)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 2J)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 2K)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 2L)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 2M)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 2N)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 3A)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 3B)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 3C)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 3D)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 3E)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 3F)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 3G)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 3H)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 3I)
Captive Soul (Ballroom 3J)
Captive Soul (C)
Captive Soul (D)
Captive Soul (E)
Captive Soul (F)
Dignified Lady
Excitable Lad
Foolhardy Chap
Genial Guiser (2021)
Harlequin Guide (2021)
Little Gruff
Mama Gruff
Papa Gruff
Shady Smock (2021)
Unsavory Imp
Other Activities (1)
The Phantoms' Feast
Monster Involvement (1)
Clown Wraith

How to Participate

  • ※ Please note that seasonal quests cannot be completed after the event has concluded.

Adventurers' Guild Investigator location:

Old Gridania
Old Gridania