Allagan Empire

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The Allagan Empire was a highly technological Third Astral Era civilization that conquered much of the known world throughout its thousand-year reign,[1] finally collapsing in the Fourth Umbral Calamity about five thousand years ago.[2] Few visible traces of the fallen empire remain; indeed – throughout most the Sixth Astral Era – many considered it a myth until proof of its existence was finally unearthed in Mor Dhona by Saint Coinach about one century ago.[3] This revelation also proved that the unique stone paths throughout much of Eorzea were also of Allagan origin, such as the Royal Allagan Sunway and Starway through present-day Thanalan.

Prior to the Seventh Umbral Calamity, authentic Allagan artifacts were difficult to come by, and items such as coinage and Allagan Runestones were highly prized by collectors. Yet the culture's impact on mythology lingered, as evidenced by the Onion Doublet Set – attire inspired by the onion knights of the fallen empire – that remained popular within circles of Adventurers. However, the fall of the lesser moon (itself revealed to be an Allagan satellite) laid bare many long-buried Allagan relics, such as the Crystal Tower.
Period: 6,000 to 5,000 YA
Preceded by: Third Umbral Era
Followed by: Fourth Umbral Calamity
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