Allagan Tomestone of Genesis

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Though they appear to be naught more than simple stones, Garlond Ironworks engineers insist they contain reams of invaluable information on untruths gathered by the lost Allagan Empire.
Item Level 390
Statistics & Bonuses:
Repairs, Recycle & Style:
Stack Size 2000
Sells for Unsellable
Noconverticon.png Nodyeicon.png Nocresticon.png Noprojectableicon.png Nodesynthesizableicon.png Nostorableicon.png Nocollectableicon.png
Acquisition Uses
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Rewarded from FATE (75)
FATE Location Level
Apocalypse Cow Agaric Rock 31
Ash the Magic Dragon The Val River Belly 22
Brothers The Bull's Pen 30
Bullheaded Berserker The West Val River Bank 52
Burning Hunger West Flamerock 43
By Numbers The Orchard 6
Cairn Blight 451 The Val River Belly 21
Cassie and the Copycats The Barren Arena 35
Caym What May Klauser's Peace 9
Conqueror Worm The Val River Belly 23
Cows for Concern Hot Water 28
Crawling Chaos Eureka Hydatos 55
Creepy Doll Southwestern Ice Needles 38
Crystalline Provenance The Crystal Dragon's Bloom 60
Curiouser and Curiouser Brushtip Gap 31
Disinherit the Wind The Orchard 7
Disorder in the Court Hot Water 27
Does It Have to Be a Snowman Brushtip Gap 26
Don't Judge Me, Morbol The Val River Swale 12
Down the Rabbit Hole Frozen Lake 20
Drama Lamashtu Newvoid 19
Drink Me The Val River Source 50
Dry Iris West Flamerock 44
Duty-free The East Val River Bank 56
Eternity Frozen Lake 20
Eye Scream for Ice Cream Corse Rise 34
Eye of Horus The Mold Beds 33
Fearful Symmetry The West Val River Bank 54
From Tusk till Dawn The West Val River Bank 51
Haunter of the Dark The Cavern of the Second Cant 49
Heavens' Warg The Garden of Despite 50
High Voltage (FATE) Northeastern Ice Needles 36
I Amarok Newvoid 18
I Don't Want to Believe The Val River Source 60
I Ink, Therefore I Am The West Val River Bank 50
Leukewarm Reception The East Val River Bank 57
Lost Epic The Ring of Fire 50
Louhi on Ice Icebloom Cavern 35
Mad, Bad, and Fabulous to Know The West Val River Bank 53
Medias Res Northeastern Ice Needles 35
Melting Point The Val River Belly 24
Mister Bright-eyes East Flamerock 48
Morte Arthro Hot Water 29
On the Non-existent Northeastern Ice Needles 37
One Missed Callisto The Orchard 5
Prove Your Amemettle Klauser's Peace 8
Put Up Your Dux East Flamerock 46
Quiet, Please Southwestern Ice Needles 39
Robber Barong The East Val River Bank 58
Rondo Aetolus West Flamerock 41
Scorchpion King West Flamerock 42
Short Serket 2 The Val River Swale 11
Simurghasbord The Anemos Seam 15
Sing, Muse The Anemos Seam 14
Stone-cold Killer The East Val River Bank 59
Teles House The Orchard 3
The Killing of a Sacred Bombadier The Val River Swale 10
The Shadow over Anemos The Val River Swale 2
The Swarm Never Sets The Orchard 4
The Wobbler in Darkness The Val River Belly 25
Third Impact Agaric Rock 32
Thirty Whacks East Flamerock 45
To the Mat Uncanny Valley 16
Uncommon Nonsense East Flamerock 46
Unsafety Dance Heartbreak Holt 1
Up and Batym West Flamerock 40
Wail in the Willows Newvoid 20
We're All Mad Here Northeastern Ice Needles 35
When You Ride Alone The Val River Swale 13
Wine and Honey Uncanny Valley 17
You Do Know Jack East Flamerock 47
Reward from Quests (28)
Allagan Tomestone of Genesis is rewarded from more than 25 quests.
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Currency Acquired from Duty (56)
Allagan Tomestone of Genesis is rewarded from more than 25 duties.
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Exchanged for: (64)
Allagan Tomestone of Genesis is used to purchase more than 25 items.
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