Allergic to Sunshine

Moonfire Faire Event Icon.png Lv. 30   Allergic to Sunshine

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Mayaru Moyaru: Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks - The Aftcastle (x:11.5, y:13.9)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks → The Aftcastle

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements

Spacer2.png Any Class (Level 30)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Mayaru Moyaru is calling all adventurers to join in on the hottest event of the year.
※This quest is available for a limited time only.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with Haermaga in Costa Del Sol.
  • Speak with Haermaga again.
  • Wait at the designated location.
  • Speak with Lyonell.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
080101.png30I Am the SunshineMoonfire Faire Event Icon.png I Am the Sunshine (Level 30)

Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved
Mayaru MoyaruHaermagaEnterprising RoegadynLyonell
Journal detail hr1 08.png Objects Involved

  • Mayaru Moyaru is calling all adventurers to join in on the hottest event of the year.
※This quest is available for a limited time only.
  • Eorzea bakes under the sun like an egg over a hot flame, and during such times it fall upon the Adventurers' Guild to offer the realm succor through merriment in the form of the Moonfire Faire. Mayaru Moyaru informs you that in addition to the highly-acclaimed Nimble Warrior course, the festivities are being guarded by a brave hero called the Sunshine Savior. However, there are always more hands needed at Costa Del Sol, and she encourages you to report to Haermaga if the spirit of volunteering stirs within your core.
※Please note that you will be unable to complete this quest after the seasonal event has ended. For details, please check the Lodestone.
  • As a fellow member of the guild, Haermaga welcomes you with slightly more open arms than the common festival-goer. Almost immediately he asks for your help in solving a pressing issue with the fledgling Sunshine Savior. A young man named Reeve was recruited for the role, and Haermaga asks that you lift his flagging spirits with some adventurous encouragement. You agree, and Haermaga heads toward the aetheryte, eager to make introductions.
  • The future guardian of Costa Del Sol makes an awkward first impression, revealing that the source of his distress is an aversion to having his face exposed to prying eyes. Haermaga does not skip a beat, however, and seems to have a potential solution to the problem at the ready. He asks you to meet him at the guild's base, but remains coy on the details of what awaits you there.
  • You arrive at the guild's tent to see Reeve bedecked in a garish costume, the design of which was apparently commissioned by Haermaga himself─a fact that apparently makes the chaperone quite proud. Regardless of the outfit's tastefulness, it seems to have restored Reeve's confidence, and the young man stands ready to protect the Moonfire Faire's revelers.
  • Reeve's spirits have been restored, and he is eager to prove himself worthy of the title Sunshine Savior. However, he acknowledges that he yet has much to learn, and asks that you assist him until he can stand on his own two feet as the beach's protector. If previous Moonfire Faires are any indicator, it will not be long until you are needed.

Ah, my prayers are answered! As the sun beat down upon my brow, my flagging spirits were kept aloft by the hope of your return. Now that you're here, I can say that the Moonfire Faire's success is assured!

Come one, come all! The Moonfire Faire is here to offer the realm's beleaguered citizens a diversion from the sun's scorching rays, and seeks volunteers from among the Adventurers' Guild's ranks to ensure a summer worth remembering!

Our festival has a long and storied history that hardly bears repeating, but for all intents and purposes, it's become the premier event of our guild. We hope to stoke the fires of adventurous hearts young, old, and all ages in between!

This season's main event has become a favorite among adventurers and revelers alike: the Eorzean Nimble Warrior course! Keeping vigil over the proceedings is the Sunshine Savior, guardian of the sandy beaches!

Who is the Sunshine Savior, you ask? If your interest has been piqued, then I encourage you to make haste to Costa del Sol, where Haermaga stands at the ready to apprise eager volunteers of the details!
Quest Accepted
Haermaga awaits to induct eager volunteers for this year's Moonfire Faire. Attend to him and you may even be fortunate enough to meet the fabled Sunshine Savior yourself!

Well, if it isn't Forename, as constant a guest to the Moonfire Faire as this stifling heat! Did Mayaru Moyaru's mention of the Sunshine Saviors stir that heroic spirit of yours?

Welcome to the Moonfire Faire! It's always a treat to see a new face, and one from the guild doubly so. Did Mayaru Moyaru's mention of the Sunshine Saviors stir the spirit of heroism within you?

I should hope so, because between you and me, we're in a bit of a bind. If you wouldn't mind lending an ear to our troubles, I'd appreciate the opinion of a fellow adventurer.

Much obliged. You see, the faire's been no stranger to difficulties, make no mistake. People swimming where they shouldn't be, monsters treating the beaches like a bloody banquet, and all manner of other perils have put a damper on what's meant to be a time for celebration.

To combat this, I came up with the idea of the Sunshine Savior, a brave soul whose duty would be to nip such problems in the bud before they become everyone's headache.

Not only would they keep our patrons safe, but their deeds would raise the esteem of the guild as well. Not only that, but it would be the perfect opportunity to give our fresh blood a chance to shine.

So I went looking for a stout arm from within our ranks, and after a process of stringent vetting, settled on an eager youth by the name of Lyonell.

The lad seemed a perfect fit, but his spirits have taken a sharp dive since he arrived in Costa del Sol. Whatever the cause of his troubles, it's plain he needs a guiding hand or two to see him through them.

So, if you've got the time and the inclination, I'd like you to help set him on the right path. Once he's found his footing, I won't ask you to dote on him any longer. How about it?

You're a lifesaver, friend. Now then, follow me and I'll make introductions. Lyonell should be somewhere near the aetheryte─let's go find him, eh?

Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Apologies, but the lad seems to be missing. I explicitly told him to wait here...
Get yer bloody hands off of my goods!
066464 hr1.png Conundrum
S-S-Sorry, terribly sorry! I only thought to help... The crates looked awfully heavy, you see...
B-But you're right to be wroth at me! Yes, for why would you need my aid, with my arms thinner than sprouting reeds... I see the error of my ways. I shall shovel buffalo dung as punishment!
Ah, lad, sorry for snappin' at ye. Appreciate the thought, but the contents of these crates are my livelihood─can't trust just any passersby with their safe carriage, ye understand.

And truth be told, you came at me like a chocobo takin' its first steps. You need to strut with a bit o' confidence if you don't want people lookin' at you crosswise, see?

Ye've a good heart, lad. Anyone can see that. Work on yer manner and I reckon yer next attempt at charity'll go jus' fine.
066464 hr1.png By Design
Hmm. I can hazard a guess at what happened here, but I'd like to hear your side of the story nonetheless. Mind filling me in, Lyonell?
Oh, Master Haermaga! And who is this...?
It can't be... Is this man my replacement!? Heavens forfend, I've been dismissed before my duty has even begun.
There's no need for all that. Forename here is a member of the guild, and he's here to help. But first, we need to know what's going on.
I, ah... You see, I was awaiting orders like you asked, but then I spied that man struggling to carry his goods. I thought to offer a helping hand, but...well, you saw how the rest went.
...I see. I can't fault you for trying to do good, lad, but what he said was right: your manner is bloody strange, and has been ever since you set foot on these sands. I don't recall you being so timid when first we met─if something's weighing on you, you needn't shy away from sharing the burden.
You're...too kind...

The truth is...I just can't bear to have my face seen by others. All those eyes on's dreadful. Under a helmet, I have the confidence of a captain, but this heat has left me with no choice but to bare my naked face to all and sundry.

I'm afraid I'm likely to do more harm than help if I can't get my nerves under control. But the festivities are due to start soon, and I can scarcely stand to look even you in the eyes...
So that's the way of it. I appreciate your candor, lad.

If it's as simple as covering your face, we can get you sorted straightaway. Come with me to the storehouse. I have something there that I think you'll like.

As for you, Forename, you'd better wait on the beach for our return. Don't worry, we'll be back before you can break a sweat.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.


Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
And here we are! Feast your eyes upon Costa del Sol's Sunshine Savior!
066464 hr1.png Hyper Rainbow Z
Blinded by its brilliance, aren't you? I had this lovely piece made the moment I conceived of the Sunshine Savior. A special commission from the Weavers' Guild!
But genius isn't always obvious, I discovered. My colleagues claimed the coloring was too bold, the design too daring. I believe the word “gaudy” was tossed about. And so, with a heavy heart, I set it aside─until today, that is.
(- Lyonell -)
By the gods, I feel a whole fulm taller! The fabric is so light it's like I'm wearing naught but my nameday suit! I'm ready to take on the world and then some!
Masks are usually for hiding one's true nature, but this is the Lyonell I remember. If you ask me, he looks the spitting image of a hero. But what do you think, Forename?
What will you say?
It certainly...suits him. I'm not sure if this is an improvement.
Are you bringing back the Go Go Posing Rangers?
I'm overjoyed that you think so! Mark my words, the sands of Costa del Sol shall remain safe under the watchful eyes of the Sunshine Savior!
Really? I'm quite taken with it─I'm particularly fond of the avian motif. With this, festival-goers can rest assured that they shall be safe under the watchful eyes of the Sunshine Savior!
So you remember that, eh? Truth be told, the thought hadn't crossed my mind when designing the costume, but now that you mention it...
Ah, the Go Go Posing Rangers, I know their story well! Those dauntless heroes pitted themselves against the Bombards for the safety of the realm!
And just as the flames of the Bombards were extinguished, the Rangers disappeared like a ship over the horizon. Hearing how they risked life and limb with no expectation of reward or fame is what inspired me to join the guild!
Is that so? It warms my heart to know they left such a lasting impression on at least one young mind.
Now then, Lyonell, consider this your official appointment as the Sunshine Savior. Go forth, and remember that you carry the reputation of the Adventurers' Guild on your shoulders. Don't crumble under the weight, lad.
Become a savior worthy of your namesake, and our guests will soon forget the countless monsters and maladies that lurk beneath the tides. I know you won't disappoint!
(- Lyonell -)
Thank you, Master Haermaga!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Lyonell has a gods-honest chance to make a good run of it now, but that depends on him.
As the Sunshine Savior, I must bear all the responsibilities that the title implies. I can do this...I can become an adventurer that others speak of in awe!

By the way, I'd like to apologize for my embarrassing conduct before...

I admit a part of me is scared almost all of the time, but I can't let that dictate my life and my duty. Whatever happens, I swear to do all in my power to make this Moonfire Faire the safest yet!

That being said, I realize I still have much to learn, and would very much appreciate the aid of a seasoned adventurer such as yourself. Will you help me?

Thank you, Forename! I look forward to growing under your wing!
Quest Complete
I'm ready to start whenever you are, Forename!
The sun burns bright, and that means the Moonfire Faire is come to offer respite! This year, the Sunshine Savior patrols the sands of Costa del Sol, ready to fight back anyone and anything that would dare to put a damper on the festivities.
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