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The world of Final Fantasy XIV consists of various facts, figures, people, monsters, locations, and history.
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These tidbits reveal information into the history of Eorzea.
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While generally areas in-game are simply referred to only as Zones, there are a variety of differing area types in the world of Hydaelyn.
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Notable Characters
Guilds and Guildmasters
There are a lot of Non-player-characters (NPCs) found in the world.
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The fauna and flora of Eorzea were long-ago collected into a seminal bestiary called the Raimdelle Codex. In the modern age, it is still the go-to resource for for identification and classification of the region's lifeforms.
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Variant Dungeon Lore
Variant Dungeon Lore is a collection of Lore entries about the Variant Dungeons. Entries are unlocked by completing various endings in a given Variant Dungeon.
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Portable Archive
The Portable Archive is a collection of Lore entries on various locations around The First, specifically The Copied Factory to begin. The Portable Archive is unlocked upon completion of the On the Threshold sidequest.
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Field Record
The Field Record is a collection of Lore entries about various NPCs relating to The Bozjan Southern Front and Zadnor, where all such entries are found.
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Unending Codex
The Unending Codex is a collection of Lore entries about various NPCs and important Concepts. Entries are unlocked while progressing through the Main Story Quests, starting with Patch 6.1.
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There are myriad ways to traverse the vast realm of Eorzea.

Take flight aboard an airship or sail across Eorzean seas by ferry. Travel by land using the chocobo porter or whisk yourself to a nearby aetheryte using Teleport or Return. If all else fails, hop on your trusty mount and explore the world as you please. Masterful use of these modes of transport is another part of being an adventurer.

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