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Althyk {ahl'-thik} is the surveyor of change and space and god of time. He commands the element of Earth and is associated with the twelfth moon of the Eorzean calendar. Althyk is the father of Azeyma and Menphina, and elder brother to Nymeia. He is most often depicted as an austere emperor wielding a mythril greataxe. His symbol is the hourglass. Both historians (keepers of the past) and diviners (seekers of the future) are known to praise this deity.
Elemental Resistances as Player Guardian
Fire Element Icon ARR.png + 2 Ice Element Icon ARR.png + 2 Wind Element Icon ARR.png + 2 Earth Element Icon ARR.png + 4 Lightning Element Icon ARR.png + 3 Water Element Icon ARR.png + 0
Pantheon: The Twelve
Title: The Keeper
Subtitle: Surveyor of change and space
God of: Time
Symbol: The hourglass
Gender: Male
Aspect: Earth
Month: 12th
Siblings: younger sister Nymeia

Children: daughters Azeyma and Menphina

  • Information in pre-release versions of FFXIV associated Althyk with the 8th of the Eorzean calendar, and as a "surveyor of gravity and space".
  • Althyk Lavender is a fragrant variety of lavender rarely found in the arid lowland regions of Thanalan. Due to its rarity, it is prized as an offering at funerals held at the Church of Saint Adama Landama. [1]
  • The mark of Althyk was previously found near the Lynxpelt Patch; since the Calamity, it can be found near Amdapor Keep.
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