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Alvak's Spyglass: In with the Old

Alvak's Spyglass- In with the Old.png

In with the Old

Amidst the ripples raised by the revival of the Grand Companies of Eorzea, a cultural current has surfaced that seeks to propagate the peculiarities of past periods. Of particular popularity are such curios as realistic replicas of relics along with ancient artifacts dating back to the Allagan Empire, both of which command premium prices on the market. It must be noted, however, that this trend in taste serves not simply to sate the needs for nostalgia of the nobility.

Alvak's Spyglass- In with the Old2.png

Since the dawn of conflict, man has aspired to new approaches wherewith to attain an advantage over his adversary. Myriad martial methods were born of this endeavor, although a notable number have come to languish deep within the sands of time. The relatively recent rise of guilds as axes of activity for Disciples of War and Magic serves to safeguard such skills for the profit of posterity. However, by methodizing mastery, it was inevitable that certain techniques and traditions would fall out of favor. I speak of those age-old arts that demand drastic degrees of dedication, and whose acquisition requires that the practitioner prevail over perils in plenitude. Of late, rumors are rampant regarding the resurgence of such arts. Whether this proves to be but a fleeting fixation or a development to define the era will be observed with acute attentiveness.