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Alvak's Spyglass: Much Ado about Aether

Alvak's Spyglass- Much Ado about Aether.png

Much Ado about Aether

As is broadly believed, aether is the essence of existence, the fount of life wherewith the stars stay suspended in the stellar sphere. Bereft of its boon, magic would be naught but a fruit of fiction, and our lives would doubtless detail double the drudgery.

According to ancient Miqo’te mystics, aetheric energy permeates all creation even as it exists in its own distinct dimension, parted from the physical plane. If Eorzea might be compared to a colossal creature, aether would be the lifeblood that courses through its veins, supplying it with sustenance.

The people of the past were adept in the application of aetheric energy. Not only did they possess the proficiency to pinpoint those places with high concentrations of aether; they had the expertise to exploit that power, and thereby created the gateways that allow us to travel tremendous distances in hardly a hairy heartbeat. Thought to have been long lost to mankind, this knowledge is in the midst of a revival, brought about by the beneficent backing of the Circle of Knowing.

Under the supervision of the Sharlayan natives, a plan is in progress to install an intra-city teleportation network. The purpose at present is purely military, but its channeling for civil and commercial use cannot be ruled out as an eventuality.