Ambitious Crone

NPC Icon.pngAmbitious Crone  Sidequest3 Icon.png
  Elezen / Wildwood / Female

Zone(s): Mob14 Icon.pngPlayer7 Icon.pngThe Pillars - The Last Vigil  (10-12)

Aye, 'tis true! I too was taken in by the false promises of those awful, awful men!

Also appears as Exceedingly Experienced Treasure Hunter, called Dorys in the game's data.

Ambitious Crone.png
Involved in Quests (1)

Additional Dialogue
Long have I yearned for a chance to meet Ser Vellguine, so when they said I finally could, I didn't hesitate for even a moment! But when they escorted me to the manor and undid the blindfold, and I looked on the hideous faces of those so-called “Grand Sers,” I screamed and fled.
They were gone when I returned with the watch, but their neighbors said they had overheard them speaking about seeking shelter in a place called Idyllshire. I know it's not much, but I pray this information helps you in your search.
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