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After catching fish from the various reaches of Eorzea, players can now put them on display using an aquarium in their free company estate, personal estate, private chamber, or apartment. Please note there is a limit of one aquarium per estate or apartment, as well as one per private chamber.

Customizing an Aquarium


Before placing fish in an aquarium, players may choose to fill the tank with either freshwater or saltwater. This will dictate which types of fish can be placed in the aquarium. Please be advised that in order to change the water type, any fish in the tank must be removed.

Freshwater and saltwater fish cannot be placed in an aquarium together.


Accessories can be used to change the appearance of the water tank. These Tank Trimmings may be used in any size Aquarium.

Accessories will be destroyed when removed from the aquarium.

Name Description
Brooklet Tank Trimmings Brooklet Tank Trimmings An assortment of items used to outfit an aquarium that it might resemble a babbling forest brooklet.
Southern Sea Tank Trimmings Southern Sea Tank Trimmings An assortment of items used to outfit an aquarium that it might resemble the shallows of the tropical southern seas.
Crystalscape Tank Trimmings Crystalscape Tank Trimmings An assortment of items used to outfit an aquarium that it might resemble a crystalline wonderland.
Ruby Sea Tank Trimmings Ruby Sea Tank Trimmings An assortment of items used to outfit an aquarium that it might resemble the deadly waters of the Ruby Tide.
Sunken Treasure Tank Trimmings Sunken Treasure Tank Trimmings An assortment of items used to outfit an aquarium that it might resemble a hoard of sunken pirate treasure.
Moonlit Tank Trimmings Moonlit Tank Trimmings An assortment of items used to outfit an aquarium that it might resemble the moonlit eve upon which a nightbloom once flowered...

Aquariums & Capacity

Aquarium Fish are categorized into four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large. Each fish also occupies a certain amount of space in an Aquarium, with the larger fish (obviously) taking up more space. Accordingly, Aquariums are also available in four sizes, with the smallest holding only a single small-sized fish, and the largest being able to accommodate 4 total fish.

Fish Sizes

Size Name Space Occupied
Small (S) 1
Medium (M) 2
Large (L) 4
Extra Large (XL) 7

Aquarium Sizes

Tier Size Total Size Capacity Max # of Fish
Tier 1 Aquarium Tier 1 S 1 1
Tier 2 Aquarium Tier 2 M 2 2
Tier 3 Aquarium Tier 3 L 4 4
Tier 4 Aquarium Tier 4 XL 7 4

As an example: even though an XL Aquarium has a maximum size capacity of "7", and you may only place up to 4 fish inside of it, so there are a number of ways to work up to that "7" capacity limit. Here are a few ideas:

  • 4 Small fish.
  • 3 Small fish, and then 1 Medium OR 1 Large fish.
  • 1 Small fish, 1 Medium fish, and 1 Large fish.
  • 1 Small fish, and 3 Medium fish.
  • 1 XL fish

Please be advised that any fish removed from an aquarium will be lost.

Complete Aquarium Fish List

Open the Fish List found in the Aquarium Settings interface to view a list of all possible fish that can be placed in the aquarium.

Freshwater Aquarium Fish

There are currently 51 fish.

Name Size Type
Armor Fish Armor Fish 1S Freshwater
Chub Chub 1S Freshwater
Seraphim Seraphim 1S Freshwater
Rockfish Rockfish 1S Freshwater
Guppy Guppy 1S Freshwater
Doman Bubble Eye Doman Bubble Eye 1S Freshwater
Copperfish Copperfish 1S Freshwater
Grip Killifish Grip Killifish 1S Freshwater
Bubble Eye Bubble Eye 1S Freshwater
Cherubfish Cherubfish 2M Freshwater
Raincaller Raincaller 2M Freshwater
Kissing Fish Kissing Fish 2M Freshwater
Marble Oscar Marble Oscar 2M Freshwater
Mirrorscale Mirrorscale 2M Freshwater
Nagxian Mullet Nagxian Mullet 2M Freshwater
Noontide Oscar Noontide Oscar 2M Freshwater
Paglth'an Discus Paglth'an Discus 2M Freshwater
Pipira Pira Pipira Pira 2M Freshwater
Redfin Redfin 2M Freshwater
Clown Loach Clown Loach 2M Freshwater
Blue Widow Blue Widow 2M Freshwater
Blue Prismfish Blue Prismfish 2M Freshwater
Silken Koi Silken Koi 2M Freshwater
Tri-colored Carp Tri-colored Carp 2M Freshwater
Violet Prismfish Violet Prismfish 2M Freshwater
Wandering Sculpin Wandering Sculpin 2M Freshwater
Yanxian Barramundi Yanxian Barramundi 2M Freshwater
Judgment Staff Judgment Staff 2M Freshwater
Highland Perch Highland Perch 2M Freshwater
High Perch High Perch 2M Freshwater
Dragonhead (Seafood) Dragonhead (Seafood) 2M Freshwater
Common Bitterling Common Bitterling 2M Freshwater
Crimson Trout Crimson Trout 2M Freshwater
Cupfish Cupfish 2M Freshwater
Dark Bass Dark Bass 2M Freshwater
Dusk Herald Dusk Herald 2M Freshwater
Goldfish Goldfish 2M Freshwater
Bonytongue Bonytongue 2M Freshwater
Yellow Prismfish Yellow Prismfish 2M Freshwater
Fifty-summer Cod Fifty-summer Cod 3L Freshwater
Emperor Fish Emperor Fish 3L Freshwater
Hannibal Hannibal 3L Freshwater
Goblin Perch Goblin Perch 3L Freshwater
Grass Shark Grass Shark 3L Freshwater
Vanuhead Vanuhead 3L Freshwater
Blood Red Bonytongue Blood Red Bonytongue 3L Freshwater
Whilom Catfish Whilom Catfish 3L Freshwater
Giant Takitaro Giant Takitaro 4XL Freshwater
Euphotic Pirarucu Euphotic Pirarucu 4XL Freshwater
Tigerfish Tigerfish 4XL Freshwater
Canavan Canavan 4XL Freshwater

Saltwater Aquarium Fish

There are currently 32 fish.

Name Size Type
Harbor Herring Harbor Herring 1S Saltwater
Tiger Cod Tiger Cod 1S Saltwater
Coral Butterfly Coral Butterfly 1S Saltwater
Hatchetfish Hatchetfish 1S Saltwater
Harutsuge Harutsuge 1S Saltwater
Angelfish Angelfish 2M Saltwater
Swordfish Swordfish 2M Saltwater
Redcoat Redcoat 2M Saltwater
Black Boxfish Black Boxfish 2M Saltwater
Zekki Grouper Zekki Grouper 2M Saltwater
Goldenfin Goldenfin 2M Saltwater
Fullmoon Sardine Fullmoon Sardine 2M Saltwater
False Scad False Scad 2M Saltwater
Blowfish Blowfish 2M Saltwater
Hammerhead Shark Hammerhead Shark 3L Saltwater
Zebra Shark Zebra Shark 3L Saltwater
Ukiki Ukiki 3L Saltwater
Bombardfish Bombardfish 3L Saltwater
Coelacanth Coelacanth 3L Saltwater
Mummer Wrasse Mummer Wrasse 3L Saltwater
Ichthyosaur Ichthyosaur 3L Saltwater
Corpse-eater Corpse-eater 3L Saltwater
Hanatatsu Hanatatsu 3L Saltwater
Megalodon Megalodon 4XL Saltwater
Mazlaya Marlin Mazlaya Marlin 4XL Saltwater
Liopleurodon Liopleurodon 4XL Saltwater
Shrieker Shrieker 4XL Saltwater
Silver Shark Silver Shark 4XL Saltwater
Silver Sovereign Silver Sovereign 4XL Saltwater
Titanic Sawfish Titanic Sawfish 4XL Saltwater
Dinichthys Dinichthys 4XL Saltwater
Helmsman's Hand Helmsman's Hand 4XL Saltwater

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