Archbishop Thordan VII

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His Eminence Thordan VII / Archbishop of the Ishgardian Orthodox Church

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The seventy-four year old Archbishop Thordan VII came from modest origins, the son of a lesser house pledged to House Durendaire. A lover of traditional Coerthan cooking, in his youth, he studied swordplay, and perhaps could have achieved moderate success within high society. However, as the youngest of five, he stood to inherit little, and so with his parents' endorsement he entered Saint Endalim's Scholasticate. He graduated as one of the Trinity and successfully entered into the service of the Holy See, and was quick to take part in the power struggles inside the Vault.

As he grew more successful and influential, he gradually rose within the clergy's hierarchy until he was named a bishop in his forty and second year. However, it was also at this time that he was rumored to have broken his vow of celibacy and fathered a child with a lover. Well aware that such a scandal could be used as a weapon by his political rivals, he made every effort to suppress them until after he was elected archbishop.

The Fury's Grace: Symbol of the leader of the Ishgardian Orthodox Church and sovereign of the Holy See, this holy crozier has been handed down to each archbishop. Embedded in its center is a rare sapphire of ultramarine hue, known as the Frozen Tear. The staff was so named for the legend that it was bestowed upon Archbishop Reymanaud I by a divine messenger of Halone.

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Involved in Quests
•   A Knight's Calling
•   Bolt, Chain, and Island
•   Disclosure
•   Heavensward (Quest)
•   The Sins of Antiquity
•   Unrest in Ishgard
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