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Azem's Crystal (Unending Codex)

Unending Codex Icon.pngAzem's Crystal
Acquired from: The Wind Rises
Unending Codex
Azem's Crystal
In the age of the ancients, when the Convocation made the decision to summon Zodiark, the Fourteenth seat on the council─the seat of Azem─lay empty, for the holder had relinquished his office. When his dear friend and former Azem, Venat, labored to summon Hydaelyn, he did not take part in her plan. Though the circumstances and his reasons were unclear, to the end, Azem walked a path all his own.

After the world was divided into ten and three, the unsundered Ascians sought to reconvene their council to facilitate the rejoining of reflections. Yet while they succeeded in locating the fragmented souls of their erstwhile colleagues, these reincarnations had no recollection of their ancient lives. Thus did the unsundered find it necessary to prepare crystals replete with the knowledge and memories tied to each office.

As a defector, Azem and his legacy were deemed unworthy of preservation. Moved perhaps by lingering affection, however, Emet-Selch crafted a crystal in secret which contained his dear friend's signature incantation: a magick with which he summoned allies to his side in times of great need.

That selfsame crystal was inherited by the Warrior of Light, whose path has ever been paved with trial and tribulation. Whenever he is required to call upon the depths of his conviction, Azem's crystal is sure to answer.