NPC Icon.pngAzena  Merchant
  Hyur / Midlander / Female

Zone(s): Mor Dhona - Fogfens - Rowena's House of Splendors (22.1-4.8)
Title: Foreign Merchant


Item Level Requires Stats Set Cost    
 Oriental Snowcave Icon.png  
Oriental Snowcave
Gil Icon.png
A tightly packed pile of snow hollowed out and formed into a tiny dwelling. A thin coating of eternal ice ensures the snowcave will never melt.

 x 1 Gil Icon.png x 10,092
 Frolicking Beasts Icon.png  
Frolicking Beasts
Gil Icon.png
A folding partition commonly found in Far East nations. Upon one side is a reproduction of an ancient Doman wall painting depicting a variety of beastkin in their natural habitat.

 x 1 Gil Icon.png x 26,136
 Oriental Partition Icon.png  
Oriental Partition
Gil Icon.png
A partition designed in the Doman fashion, reaching to the ceiling and so sturdy that it may as well be a wall.

 x 1 Gil Icon.png x 29,185
 Pine Bonsai Icon.png  
Pine Bonsai
Gil Icon.png
While some view this traditional Doman gardening technique as naught more than a reflection of man's arrogance in believing nature can be bent to his will, most simply find it a beautiful and calming form of art.

 x 1 Gil Icon.png x 16,236
 Oriental Wall Scroll Icon.png  
Oriental Wall Scroll
Gil Icon.png
Upon this ornamental scroll is painted the Doman character “jin,” meaning “mankind.”

 x 1 Gil Icon.png x 19,800

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