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Official Soundtrack
OST Cover - Before the Fall.jpg
Before the Fall
Released 26 August 2015
Format Blu-ray Disc
Tracks 63*
  • Masayoshi Soken
  • Naoshi Mizuta
  • Ryo Yamazaki
  • Nobuo Uematsu
Catalog ID SQEX-20022

We are pleased to introduce a brand-new FINAL FANTASY XIV original soundtrack that contains all of the in-game music from the Patch 2.X series on one Blu-ray music disc! Featuring music from Patch 2.2 “Through the Maelstrom,” Patch 2.3 “Defenders of Eorzea,” Patch 2.4 “Dreams of Ice,” and Patch 2.5 “Before the Fall” the soundtrack includes over 60 songs and clocks in at a run time of over four hours. The soundtrack will also include a bonus track that contains footage of the piano recital and live band performance that was held at the FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Festival in Tokyo, which took place at the Tokyo Big Sight in December 2014.

  • MP3 Files Included
In addition to the high-quality sound and video that you can experience on your home Blu-Ray player, we have included compressed zip files of all the songs in MP3 format (320kbps)! Extract the music files using a Blu-Ray disc player (including the PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3), or a Blu-Ray compatible PC, and take the music on the go in your favorite MP3 player.
  • Please note that this soundtrack is not a CD. A Blu-Ray disc player is required.
  • Owners of a Blu-Ray-compatible drive will be able to retrieve mp3 versions of all the tracks.
  • Please note that this is a Japanese import soundtrack disc.
  • First-run Copies feature a Bonus In-Game Item
    The Primogs
Copies of the initial run of the soundtrack will include an in-game item bonus code for a new minion – “The Primogs”! A set of five musical minions that can join you in your adventure!
The item code will expire on December 31, 2016.
Track Title (English) Title (Japanese) Length Composer(s) Play Location
01 Wreck to the Seaman 船乗りには難破を ~蛮神リヴァイアサン前哨戦~ 1:58 Soken The Whorleater (Phase 1)
02 Through the Maelstrom 混沌の渦動 ~蛮神リヴァイアサン討滅戦~ 7:28 Soken The Whorleater (Phase 2)
03 The Scars of Battle 魔大戦の傷跡 ~腐敗遺跡 古アムダプール市街~ 4:48 Soken The Lost City of Amdapor
04* Persistence[1] 不屈の挑戦 1:36 Uematsu Mini Boss
05* Wrath of the Eikons 怒れる神々 2:35 Uematsu Final Boss
06 Breathless[2] ノォヴ一味 2:35 Uematsu Novv's Clutch
07 Gluppity-schlopp クズテツどもの歌 1:40 Mizuta 789th Order Dig
08 Fury 憤怒 ~盟友支援 ブレイフロクスの野営地~ 2:35 Uematsu Brayflox's Longstop (Hard)
09 Pa-paya Pa-paya 4:40 Soken Hatching-tide
10* Birds of a Feather キャラバン護衛 ~剣闘領域 ハラタリ修練所~ 1:19 Uematsu Halatali (Hard)
11* Beneath Bloodied Banners キャラバン護衛 ~剣闘領域 ハラタリ修練所~ 2:51 Uematsu Halatali (Hard)
12 Big-boned でぶチョコボ騎乗 2:34 Uematsu Fat Chocobo
13 Battle on the Big Bridge ビッグブリッヂの死闘 ~新生~ 4:25 Uematsu Gilgamesh
14 Through the Maelstrom (Female Vocals)[3] 混沌の渦動 ~蛮神リヴァイアサン討滅戦:女性版~ 7:29 Soken Unused Demo
15* Meteor メテオ 2:15 Yamazaki Second Coil of Bahamut
16 Blades 剣と剣 ~大迷宮 バハムート侵攻編~ 6:09 Soken Second Coil of Bahamut
17* Tempest 戦乱 6:16 Uematsu Second Coil of Bahamut
18* Tempest 白銀の凶鳥、飛翔せり 3:05 Soken Second Coil of Bahamut
19* Horizons Calling 地平線の彼方 ~財宝伝説 ハルブレーカー・アイル~ 3:06 Uematsu Hullbreaker Isle
20 Far from Home 何よりも高く 1:41 Uematsu Ehcatl Nine
21 Dark Vows 漆黒の誓い ~惨劇霊殿 タムタラの墓所~ 4:36 Soken The Tam-Tara Deecroft (Hard)
22 Answers - Reprise Answers - Reprise 1:56 Uematsu The Rising
23 Thunder Rolls 雷光雷鳴 ~蛮神ラムウ討滅戦~ 10:37 Soken The Striking Tree
24 Moonfire Faire 紅蓮祭 2:04 Uematsu Moonfire Faire
25 Thicker than a Knife's Blade 刃、厚いほどに 2:08 Soken
26 The War Room 作戦会議室 4:01 Soken PVP Intro
27 Rouse Out! 総員抜剣! 2:50 Soken
28 Blood for Blood 血で血を洗って 3:28 Soken PVP Battle
29 Or the Egg? 卵が先か? 0:19 Soken Chocobo Training
30 Game Theory ゲーム理論 2:38 Soken Minigame Puzzle
31 Now I Know the Truth ゲーム理論 2:05 Uematsu Doga and Unei
32 Out of the Labyrinth 絢爛 ~クリスタルタワー:シルクスの塔~ 5:18 Soken Syrcus Tower (Field)
33 Shattered 破砕 ~クリスタルタワー:シルクスの塔~ 5:20 Soken Syrcus Tower (Battle)
34 Loss of Time 時はこぼれ落ちて 1:40 Soken
35 His Holiness 教皇 1:08 Soken Archbishop
36** A Light in the Storm[4] 嵐の中の灯火 ~怪鳥巨塔 シリウス大灯台~ 8:08 Soken Pharos Sirius
37 Riptide 潮衝 ~逆襲要害 サスタシャ浸食洞~ 6:58 Soken Sastasha (Hard)
38 The Edge 忍びの刃 2:06 Soken Doman Shiobi
39 Forgotten by the Sun 落日の遺跡 ~遺跡救援 カルン埋没寺院~ 6:53 Soken The Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard)
40* Pennons Aloft 槍旗 3:57 Uematsu Boss Battle
41 The Warrens 秘密坑道 ~氷結潜窟 スノークローク大氷壁~ 7:14 Soken Snowcloak
42 Footsteps in the Snow 雪上の足跡 ~蛮神シヴァ前哨戦~ 7:00 Soken Shiva (Phase 1)
43 Oblivion 雪上の足跡 ~蛮神シヴァ前哨戦~ 8:00 Soken Shiva (Phase 2)
44* Everbinding Oath 永遠の誓い 5:11 Uematsu Eternal Bonding
45 From the Ashes 永遠の誓い 6:25 Soken The Final Coil of Bahamut
46 The Coil Tightens 侵攻 1:23 Soken The Final Coil of Bahamut
47 Four-sided Circle マンダヴィル・ゴールドソーサー 4:11 Uematsu Gold Saucer
48 Gateway to Paradise 天国の扉 3:59 Uematsu GATE
49 Sport of Kings チョコボレース 2:43 Uematsu Chocobo Racing
50 Aftermath 戦禍 ~邪念排撃 古城アムダプール~ 6:23 Soken Amdapor Keep (Hard)
51 Tricksome 聖域の罠 ~武装聖域 ワンダラーパレス~ 6:02 Soken The Wanderer's Palace (Hard)
52 Magiteknical Difficulties 魔導仕掛けの友 3:37 Uematsu Magitek Mount
53 Blind to the Dark 薄闇 ~クリスタルタワー:闇の世界~ 5:20 Soken World of Darkness (Field)
54 Hamartomania 暗闇 ~クリスタルタワー:闇の世界~ 5:08 Soken World of Darkness (Battle)
55 Hunger 死闘の序曲 0:38 Uematsu Cloud of Darkness (Intro)
56 The Reach of Darkness 最後の死闘 ~新生~ 4:28 Uematsu Cloud of Darkness (Battle)
57 Eternal Wind 悠久の風 ~新生~ 2:39 Uematsu Crystal Tower Conclusion
58 Faith in Her Fury 戦神の教義 ~皇都イシュガルド防衛戦~ 8:29 Soken The Steps of Faith (Phase 1)
59 Unworthy 仇敵 ~皇都イシュガルド防衛戦~ 2:22 Soken The Steps of Faith (Phase 2)
60 Silver Tears 銀の涙 ~幻龍残骸 黙約の塔~ 4:57 Soken The Keeper of the Lake
61 Primogenitor 始祖たる幻龍 4:57 Soken Midgardsormr
62 THE GREAT GUBAL LIBRARY (Tentative Title) 禁書回収 グブラ幻想図書館(仮) 3:58 Soken The Great Gubal Library
63 Under the Weight (Super Ultra Hyper Version) 過重圧殺! ~SUPER極タイタン討滅戦~ 2:24 Soken 8-Bit Titan
*Also appears on Before Meteor
**Also appears on A Realm Reborn
  1. This track is from Version 1.0, where it was titled Phantoms on the Lake.
  2. This song is credited to Nobuo Uematsu because it is a heavily modified version of Battle Drums which was used then for infiltrating a beastmen stronghold.
  3. Though this song is not in the game, Soken used it as an example of the music creation process at Fan Festival '14 in Las Vagas, explaining that it was one of over two dozen versions made across two days before Yoshida approved a version. Yoshida jokingly butted in, yelling, "No! Recompose!" as the song played, but the positive reception led Soken to offer to add it to the next soundtrack.
  4. The original Pharos Sirius track, Through the Gloom appears on the Realm Reborn soundtrack. This is an extended version that Soken made during the one year anniversary 14-hour broadcast.