Bahamut (Dragon)

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"The hour is come. Receive of me the gift of purity."
Upon their release into the world so many eons ago, Bahamut chose to venture south with his kin Tiamat. The people they found there venerated the dragons, and thus a bond of friendship grew betwixt dragonkind and man. This bond was so great that scholars have reason to believe it was none other than the great wyrm himself who led the mortals of Meracydia against the invading Allagan armies, securing countless victories against their technologically advanced foes until Bahamut was ultimately slain on the field of battle, overcome by the Allagans' godless chimeras.
Gender: Male
Race: Dragon
Relatives: Midgardsormr (brood-father), Tiamat (consort), Nidhogg (brood-brother), Hraesvelgr (brood-brother), Ratatoskr (brood-sister)
Title: The Dawn Wyrm
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