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Balancing the Spear

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 60   Balancing the Spear

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Bruvagnon: Saint Endalim's Scholasticate (x:6, y:5.9)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Ishgard Aetheryte Plaza → Saint Reymanaud Cathedral

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071221.png60The Benefits of ConsultationSidequest1 Icon.png The Benefits of Consultation (Level 60)

Spacer2.png Disciples of War or Magic (Level 60)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Edit Balancing the Spear's Miscellaneous Reward
Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Bruvagnon is ready to say what is really on his mind.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with the scholasticate deacon at Saint Reymanaud's Cathedral.
  • Speak with Briardien.
  • Speak with Archombadin in the scholasticate.
  • Speak with the students in the Pillars. 0/2
  • Speak with Briardien in the scholasticate.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071221.png60More than Meets Her EyeSidequest1 Icon.png More than Meets Her Eye (Level 60)

  • Bruvagnon is ready to say what is really on his mind.
  • Bruvagnon explains to you that those who strive for a favorable position within the Holy See must first graduate from the scholasticate with the highest marks─as one of the Trinity, or the top three seats which receive a formal endorsement. However, due to the revelations regarding Ishgard's history, both the curriculum and the traditional means of assessment are currently being reevaluated. Without a clear path to the Trinity, the students have grown disillusioned and angry, with some lashing out at their peers.
  • You meet with Headmistress Elviane and the other clergy of the scholasticate, who relay to you and Briardien their wealth of concerns. While they acknowledge that the uncertainty regarding the rankings is partially to blame, they posit it is but part of a larger problem─a fundamental crisis of faith. That being said, the headmistress and her administrators are quite concerned that some students may attempt to manipulate the interim evaluation system to their advantage. Therefore, the administration would have you and Briardien remain vigilant for any unscrupulous behavior that they might conduct a fair and equitable assessment of the graduating seniors.
  • After the meeting with the headmistress, the soft-spoken clergyman introduces himself as Saturnois, a scholasticate instructor who often interacts with the underprivileged students of the seminary. Briardien surmises that it would be prudent to learn more about the students and their aspirations. Gaetelle and Saturnois suggest getting to know the students yourself, as they behave differently in the presence of their instructors. Gaetelle recommends starting with the dormitory prefect, Archombadin de Dzemael.
  • You speak with Archombadin de Dzemael and Lebrassoir de Bonfaurt, who express their opinions on the current turmoil in the Holy See, as well as their hope that the students of the scholasticate will rein in their impulses towards reformation. During your discussion, Archombadin mentions that Gaetelle has given them the task of guiding truant students back to their studies, and Briardien suspects others are doing the same.
  • In your search for other students, you come across Theomocent and Leigh, who intend to go to Foundation to coax their friends back to their studies. Theomocent is hopeful that they will be able to find like-minded students to support their cause, while Leigh's attitude is less optimistic. During your observations, you also meet a highborn student surrounded by his female admirers. He introduces himself as Crammevoix de Maintigny, and appears to have done well in his efforts to persuade a fellow seminarian to return. During a conversation between the two about the nobles taking more responsibility in redressing the imbalance, the smiling seminarian mentions she was to pen a treatise─that is, until her primary text, volume eleven of The Seventy-two Articles of Halonic Polity, went missing. Nevertheless, she leaves to gather her things and return to the seminary, prompting Crammevoix to take his leave for a nap.
  • Gaetelle announces the results of the exercise, with Archombadin and Lebrassoir guiding back the most students to the scholasticate. Though present for the announcement, Crammevoix's name is not among those mentioned, and Archombadin soon makes it clear that the girl he was speaking with, Ulaa, has instead formally withdrawn from the scholasticate. Crammevoix is suspicious of Ulaa's sudden departure, mentioning the dormitory prefect's open disagreement with her views on equality. The quarrel between the highborn students escalates, in which Archombadin utters a biting comment about House Maintigny, prompting Crammevoix to leave. Upon witnessing the feud, Briardien suggests the girl's withdrawal is worthy of further investigation.

I had better start from the beginning. It would not do to involve Master Surname with our affairs without first ensuring he possesses a proper understanding of how our seminary functions, and how we have been forced to change.

You see, most men and women of the cloth go on to live fulfilling lives as pastors, academics, and poets. However, those who graduate from the scholasticate with the highest marks are given an opportunity to serve in the Vault and perhaps one day rise to prominence.

The stakes are quite high for those who seek such prestige, for they know full well that their academic performance may determine their future. It is they who strive for the top three seats that are granted the scholasticate's official endorsement: the Trinity.
And so those who wish to guide Ishgard's faithful spend their days cumulating marks through academic pursuits, while at the same time honing their skills to persuade others to share their interpretations of scripture.

Up until now, it resulted in no more than the occasional lively debate, for the Holy See was ultimately responsible for dictating doctrine. Ranking was naturally determined by one's familiarity with said doctrine. However, in light of recent events, that is no longer an option.

Simply put, we cannot currently assess their academic performance in the traditional manner, as a significant portion of the curriculum has been called into question. As a result, we have been forced to consider more...subjective methods.
And in this time of uncertainty, students are wont to lash out at their peers, whom they fear will exploit this interim system to their advantage. Distressing, I suppose, but what does this have to do with us?
I require your unparalleled skills of observation and deduction.

The only way to put an end to this bickering between students is to ensure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that our interim evaluations are conducted in a fair and equitable manner.

I ask you to stand as an observer. Until a new curriculum is decided, our evaluation system is vulnerable.
In other words, you want us to catch the cheaters.

Precisely. Now then. I have received word that the headmistress has returned to her office in the cathedral. I would ask that you introduce yourselves.

But there is something you should keep in mind when speaking with Headmistress Elviane. She was appointed to her position by the former archbishop, thus her views on the curriculum are quite traditional. I would advise you to discuss matters regarding the Holy See with the utmost care.
Quest Accepted
I suspected there was more to this judging by how quickly we completed the investigation. No offense to your powers of deduction, of course.
We have been expecting you. The headmistress awaits you within.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Although Uncle said we should speak with care, we would be remiss in our duties if we refrained from asking difficult questions. I trust you agree.
Now then, before we proceed, might you both tell us a little about your students, Father...?

M-My apologies. I am Father Saturnois. In addition to teaching the fundamentals of Halonic polity, I also oversee fund-raising for the stipends of underprivileged students.

While I would like to help you, I think my opinion would not do them justice; I would suggest getting to know them yourselves.

I feel the same. The way in which pupils speak in front of their instructors is not the same as amongst themselves. In my ten years of counseling, they have minded their etiquette and are naught but cordial to me.

However, I can recommend one of my students who is quite vocal. Mayhap you try speaking with the dormitory prefect, Archombadin? Given his closeness to the students' social affairs, he may also be able to give you insight into what they talk about.
Archombadin? Ah yes, the silver-haired boy─a son of House Dzemael, as I recall. We shall heed your suggestion, Sister Gaetelle, given his duty and status.
Surely one who desires to join the clergy would not be foolish enough to stoop to such behavior. The Fury knows all and sees all.
So the headmistress also thinks some of the students have attempted to cheat...
Has no one ever told you that brandishing weapons is frowned upon in places of enlightenment? That is, unless Leigh has sent you to stir up more trouble?
Rest assured that my associate inspector draws his armaments only to resolve troublesome situations, not create them. We merely came to ask of your well-being and your expectations for the future.

Under the auspices of the headmistress, I am sure. Very well. I, Lebrassoir de Bonfaurt of House Bonfaurt, in service to House Dzemael, present to you Archombadin de Dzemael.

As prefects for the scholasticate dormitory, we are responsible for keeping the peace between our fellow seminarians.

Correct me if I am wrong, but are you not the foreigner who went to rather great lengths to expose the archbishop's falsehoods? Responsible for the reevaluation of the entire curriculum?

Quite the resolution, that. And for what? Every great nation's history is marred by the sins of the past. Ala Mhigo? Ul'dah? Limsa Lominsa? Please. Each was built on a foundation of lies and blood.

Which is not to say we elites should not learn from these mistakes. But we who have served as shepherds of the people for a thousand years have a duty to maintain order through the preservation of tradition. Would a wainwright cast aside his father's best cart when it has but a broken wheel?
Indeed. Archombadin and I have said as much to those who support a more radical approach. The last thing we need is young seminarians running about crying for reformation.
I see. So you both have been quite active in convincing the other students to see things your way. How have you fared?

'Tis hardly a daunting task. Many seek comfort in consistency.

Sister Gaetelle has tasked us with bringing back the students who took leave. Why not let our results determine how persuasive we are?
I thank you gentlemen for your cooperation, and wish you the best of luck with your efforts. Now then, Forename, if these students are bringing back their truant peers, there must be others who are doing the same. Let us split up and seek out the participants.
So Leigh's lackey is helping the inspector now?
While I have little interest in noble bloodlines, I am not unfamiliar with the Count de Dzemael's sons.
Oh. Hello, Forename. Leigh and I were just about to visit our friends in Foundation and try to convince them to return to their studies.
It's been difficult since we aren't exactly held in high regard right now. The dormitory prefects have made sure of that.
We must do all in our power to motivate our friends to come back to the scholasticate. Then we can strive for high marks together.

Right! And then, we can convince our peers that we are just as worthy as any highborn in the clergy, they will welcome us with open arms, and all will be well in Ishgard! <sigh>

If Archombadin and his cronies receive the scholasticate's endorsement, no one will ever listen to us. We can't let them take the Trinity!
I would rather not think of it that way, Leigh. Let us just focus on bringing back as many people as we can.
Well, that's how the highborn are thinking about it. The more vocal we become, the more they will see us as a threat. That's why we have to stick together.
Forename, it's good to see you! Fighting the good fight lately?
A new friend of faraway lands graces us with his presence today. Well met, my good sir.
And what am I, chopped liver? Hmph. He was looking at me until you showed up!

Ah, I see. So you are helping Inspector Briardien. A pleasure to meet you. I am Crammevoix de Maintigny, but you may address me simply by my first name.

So what brings you to the Pillars? Could it be you are to observe how we go about convincing truant seminarians to return? Then by all means, let me show you how it is done!

I must admit, I find many of the other students rather intimidating, but thanks to Crammevoix, I am considering returning to the scholasticate to resume my studies.

We were just discussing the responsibility the highborn have to redress the imbalance. “Of the Fury's love will all men receive, and by the balance of Her spear will all be set free.” So it is written in volume eleven of the Seventy-two Articles of Halonic Polity.
“Equal under Her ever-watchful gaze.” Ah, would that you graced our halls with your presence once more, that I might favor you with mine own gaze. I fondly recall seeing your lovely face always buried in that tome.
Oh Crammevoix, you did notice! I thought to pen a lengthy treatise on it, but I could not make do once the volume vanished.
Oh, so you helped Mathye by searching for that tome? With how relevant the content has become these days, I suppose it is not surprising it would go missing...
In any event, you've convinced me. I will gather my things and return to the dormitory straightaway.

Yes, that is the way. One must seize the moment and act upon one's convictions. Life is but a fleeting, fragile thing. Wouldn't you agree, my dear?

Well, I have done my part in guiding a little lamb back to the flock. And now to celebrate with a well-deserved nap. I bid you both farewell.
Can't you talk with him another time? I finally got his attention, and I'd rather you not interrupt!
You too came to hear Crammevoix speak? The wisdom of a scholar with the soul of a poet! When he recites scripture, I just... <sigh>
In addition to preserving the other students' welfare, we prefects also take it upon ourselves to conduct study sessions and volunteer activities, so that all may receive of a rich and fulfilling education.
By the grace of the Count de Dzemael was I admitted to the scholasticate, that I might remain by Archombadin's side. He is the sun which shines the light of truth throughout these halls, and I am but the moon which reflects his radiance.
Right, then. Let us see how competitive these students truly are.
It brings me joy to see so many of our brothers and sisters returned to the scholasticate. Sister Gaetelle, the floor is yours.

Thank you, Archombadin. I will now announce how many of our stray sheep each student persuaded to come home.

Both Theomocent and Leigh were able to bring back one student each. Janchette guided two back into our arms.

Archombadin and Lebrassoir were each able to convince three students to return, the most of all. Excellent work, all of you.
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What will you say?

What about the student Crammevoix convinced to return?

Oh, is this true? Are we missing someone from the count?
Wait, Sister Gaetelle─what about Ulaa? She seemed quite enthusiastic about returning to her studies.
The girl you speak of has formally withdrawn from the scholasticate. Apparently she was not all that enthusiastic about returning as she led Crammevoix to believe. Mayhap she chose to play along so that he would cease his harassment.
Perhaps it was for the best. She rarely engaged her fellow students, instead choosing to sit alone and read the Articles of Halonic Polity. Given the recent revelations, I suspect she became disillusioned with the faith.
Strange you would say that, Lebrassoir. When last I spoke with her, Ulaa was quite interested in volume eleven's “Equal under Her ever-watchful gaze” passage─one that you and your master would sooner pretend did not exist. If she were the victim of harassment, I rather expect it was at your hands.
Are you implying that we had something to do with it because we did not share her views? What rot! You dishonor yourself and your house with such baseless accusations─rather you would, if aught remained of your house to dishonor.
I yield, good sir, I yield! I lack the qualities the honorable Lord Archombadin possesses which enable him to deliver such observations. Well, if Ulaa has withdrawn, then I must mourn her departure─by walking through the dormitory halls reciting excerpts from volume eleven.
And how do you intend to do that? Volume eleven of the Articles of Halonic Polity has been missing for some time now.
The tomes themselves are inconsequential if one has taken the words to heart. How fortunate we are that the wisdom of our forebears is not so easily forgotten, would you not agree?
Such impudence as befits a sixth son. For all his failings, his father was wise to send him away.
...At any rate, we are blessed that this handful of truants have returned to us. Truly, it is the Fury's will that we overcome these trials and tribulations, and move forward with a singular vision for the future.
A student with a keen interest in a controversial precept who withdraws without explanation. This seems rather odd to me as well. Mayhap it is worthy of our attention...
Quest Completed
We shall announce the results anon.
It would seem that Archombadin and Lebrassoir had quite the advantage, given their experience managing the dormitory.
After reviewing the preliminary numbers at the dormitory, I am looking forward to the results.
If our performance is to be taken into account for the final rankings, then I must say Archombadin and I have nothing to worry about.
Well, I did everything I could. And even if I did not guide them all myself, I am glad that so many of our peers have come back.
(The dormitory rat has quite the smile on his face. Could it be that he was able to gather more students than us?)
With all the young women returning, mayhap I will have more incentive to linger in the library. But I do not see Ulaa...
Curious about the result? I cannot imagine why. I see no reason to expect anything surprising.
All these people are making me nervous... I mean, I was not able to bring anyone back, so I'm not even part of the competition, but even so, I...I hope that Theo did well.
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