Battle of Carteneau

Mob19 Icon.pngThe Battle of Carteneau  HISTORICAL EVENT

The Battle of Carteneau was a conflict between the Eorzean Alliance and remnants of the Garlean VIIth Legion on the final day of the descent of the lesser moon of Dalamud. Both sides were almost entirely wiped out when the satellite split open, releasing the Elder Primal Bahamut. Bahamut unleashed his destructive power onto Eorzea, heralding the Seventh Umbral Era in an event known as the Calamity.

Despite the efforts of Archon Louisoix Leveilleur and the Circle of Knowing to summon The Twelve to contain the primal, Bahamut was able to break free of its bonds. Louisoix sent the Warriors of Light away, saving their lives, and used the Aether gathered to defeat Bahamut, transforming into the Primal Phoenix in the process and ending the Calamity.
Date: Year 1572 of the Sixth Astral Era
Location: Carteneau Flats, Mor Dhona
Combatants: Eorzean Alliance
Garlean Empire
Result: The Calamity
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