Battle of Silvertear Skies

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The Battle of Silvertear Skies (sometimes known as the Fall of the Keeper[1]) was a historical battle fought at Silvertear Lake in the year 1562 of the Sixth Astral Era. Five years earlier, the Garlean Empire had begun their attempted subjugation of Eorzea; resistance was mounted, but to little avail, and it was not long before the city-state of Ala Mhigo fell. Unsatisfied with their prize, the Garleans pressed on towards the heart of Eorzea. With their colossal dreadnaught, the Agrius, at the fore, the imperial army arrived at Silvertear Falls, only to find the great dragon Midgardsormr awoken from a centuries-long slumber. Aided by the Dravanian Horde, a fierce aerial combat ensued 'twixt machine and dragon, at the close of which, the "invincible" imperial fleet was put to rout.[2] The cost, however, was Midgardsormr's life—the great wyrm coiled himself around the Agrius and brought it to ground, igniting its unstable ceruleum fuel and destroying them both in a massive explosion that also broke the seal on a great confluence of aether beneath the lake.[3]
Date: 1562 Sixth Astral Era
Location: Silvertear Lake, Mor Dhona
Combatants: Garlean Empire
Dravanian Horde
Result: Garlean Empire Repelled
Agrius Destroyed
Midgardsormr Killed
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