Bead Em Up

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 Lv. 66   Bead Em Up
Miner-Onsal Hakair-Levequest-Header.png
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Experience Gil
Expicon.png579,150 Gil Icon.png1,147
Possible Items
Venture Icon.png x1 Hi-Cordial Icon.png x3
Wind Crystal Icon.png x23 Ice Crystal Icon.png x23 Fire Crystal Icon.png x23 Earth Crystal Icon.png x23 Water Crystal Icon.png x23 Lightning Crystal Icon.png x23
Wind Crystal Icon.png x30 Ice Crystal Icon.png x30 Fire Crystal Icon.png x30 Earth Crystal Icon.png x30 Water Crystal Icon.png x30 Lightning Crystal Icon.png x30 
Informationicon.png Description
After a wild night at Shiokaze Hostelry, I manage to string together a few sentences and speak to some beadmakers who happen to be in the market for vivid and lustrous pebbles. You should be able to find a handful no more than a stone's throw away.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Travel to the Azim Steppe, equip a miner's primary tool, and commence mining.
Ugan Akiudo, Dealer in Stone and Metal
Issuing NPC: Keltraeng
Kugane - Pier 2 - Umineko Teahouse (11.6-9.6)
Classes: Miner
Type: Fieldcraft
Guildleve: Candor
Duration: 20m
Location: Onsal Hakair
Required Items
Colorful Pebbles Icon.png
Items Involved: Colorful Pebbles

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