Mob19 Icon.pngBelah'dia  HISTORICAL CITY-STATE

Founded eight centuries ago by mages fleeing persecution in the early Sixth Astral Era, Belah'dia was a prosperous city-state located in Thanalan until a crisis of succession between its sultan's two heirs led to the formation of the sister city-states of Ul'dah and Sil'dih. [1]

Much of the civilization's knowledge has been lost, but its ruins still exist—notably, the Sunken Temple of Qarn. Though the ruins themselves appear to be even older than Belah'dia, the temple was used a place of worship for its citizens, who revered Azeyma, the Warden, as their Guardian Deity. The sultans of Belah'dia added their own chambers, and numerous traps, to the temple as well to guard the treasures that lay within. [2]
Location: Thanalan
Realm: Eorzea
World: Hydaelyn
The Guardian Deity of Belah'dia was Azeyma the Warden.
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