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Guildleves plate final.pngBenevolence
Spelling: Beneuolens
Meaning: Benevolence is an inclination to act with kindness, compassion, or charity.
Notes: Similar to Piety leves, Benevolence requires you to deplete either 4 or 8 nodes, each of which have two items unique to the leve. Getting a high rating (dependant on how much XP you get from each item you gather) earns you either a 5%, 10% or 25% exp bonus.
In Eorzea: In Norvandt:
Portrays a young elezen female carrying a basket of flowers.
Shadowbringers Benevolence.png
Levequests (49)

Name Level Starter Classes Items Needed
The Heart of the Hedge 10 Tierney Botanist Roselet SeedSprouted Roselet Seed

Briar in the Hole 15 Qina Lyehga Botanist Giant Brambleweed SapDried Mun-Tuy BeanShroud IrisMature Galago Mint

Catch My Drift 35 Cimeaurant Botanist Driftwood BranchDriftwood Trunk

Sign of the Crimes 40 Voilinaut Botanist Scarred BarkMarked Bark

See How They Shine 45 K'leytai Botanist Partially Crystallized RootPartially Crystallized Trunk

Warm in Their Beds 50 Eloin Botanist

No Rest for the Thicket (L) 50 Eloin Botanist Coerthan Hemlock BranchCoerthan Hemlock Log

Chewed Up and Snuffed Out 54 Eloin Botanist

Hybrid Theories (L) 54 Eloin Botanist Letter LettuceHalf-chewed Herbs

Nectar of the Goddess (L) 56 Eloin Botanist

The Anointing of the Dead 56 Eloin Botanist

Thank You for Smoke Screening (L) 58 Eloin Botanist

A Taste of Their Own Medicine 58 Eloin Botanist

Barking Up the Right Tree (Levequest) 60 Keltraeng Botanist Dried BarkYoung Bark

Flowers for Algae Run 64 Keltraeng Botanist

Leaves Much to Be Desired 66 Keltraeng Botanist

Garden Variety 68 Keltraeng Botanist

Home Is Where the Heart Is 70 Eirikur Botanist

The Only Cure 76 Eirikur Botanist

Big Business 78 Eirikur Botanist

Bug Report 80 Grigge Botanist Torn BranchTeeming Branch

Through the Fires and Flames 84 Grigge Botanist Scorched TreeMossy Tree

In Case of Emergency (Levequest) 86 Grigge Botanist Appetizing Sago PalmSucculent Sago Palm

Poisonous Palms 88 Grigge Botanist Golden SapBrilliant Golden Sap


Name Level Starter Classes Items Needed
We Do This the Hard Way 10 Totonowa Miner

The Doom that Came to Belah'dia 15 Poponagu Miner

Mythril Madness 35 Cimeaurant Miner

Not Losing Our Heads This Time 40 Voilinaut Miner

Hybrid Hypotheses 45 K'leytai Miner

The Merits of Upcycling 50 Eloin Miner Jagged StoneWeather-worn Rock

Breaking Beacons (L) 50 Eloin Miner Weather-worn RockJagged Stone

Talk about Boundaries 54 Eloin Miner Buried CoinBurnished Arrowhead

History Needs Some Revisions (L) 54 Eloin Miner Buried CoinBurnished Arrowhead

Mortarin' 56 Eloin Miner Dravanian Pumice PebbleDravanian Pumice

A Spire for New Heights (L) 56 Eloin Miner Dravanian Pumice PebbleDravanian Pumice

Dragonproofing 58 Eloin Miner Cracked Sharlayan FlagstoneSharlayan Flagstone

Sharlayan Sympathizers (L) 58 Eloin Miner Cracked Sharlayan FlagstoneSharlayan Flagstone

Axe to Grind 60 Keltraeng Miner

No Stone Unturned (Levequest) 64 Keltraeng Miner Ryurin Bridge Paving StoneRyurin Bridge Cornerstone

Dunes of Our Lives 66 Keltraeng Miner

The Ores Have It 68 Keltraeng Miner

Barmy for Ballistas 70 Eirikur Miner

Knowledge Is Power 74 Eirikur Miner

The Magic of Mining 76 Eirikur Miner

Crystal Meds 78 Eirikur Miner

An Unstable Foundation 80 Grigge Miner Bedrock SampleRich Bedrock Sample

March for Magitek 84 Grigge Miner Military-grade Ceruleum Engine ComponentUndamaged Military-grade Ceruleum Engine Component

Enriching the Soil 86 Grigge Miner Stone PowderGlimmering Stone Powder

Reactionary Reactors 88 Grigge Miner Soil SampleRich Soil Sample