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Best of the Best

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 82   Best of the Best

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Maxima: The Lochs - The Ala Mhigan Quarter (x:36.4, y:32)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: The Ala Mhigan Quarter

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png82A Capital IdeaMainquest1 Icon.png A Capital Idea (Level 82)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 82)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Northsea Coat
Miscellaneous Reward
Unlocks ability to purchase Northsea Coat
Edit Best of the Best's Miscellaneous Reward
Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Maxima would have you meet your new traveling companions.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
Deliver warding scales to Sicard.
Deliver warding scales to Lyse.
Deliver warding scales to Lucia.
Deliver warding scales to Cirina.
Deliver a warding scale to Maxima.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071201.png82A Frosty ReceptionMainquest1 Icon.png A Frosty Reception (Level 82)

  • Maxima would have you meet your new traveling companions.

The other members of the Ilsabard contingent are gathered in the Royal Palace.
I shall inform them of your arrival, so please make your way inside as soon as you are ready.
Quest Accepted
Ah, the remaining members of the Scions. Your friends and most of the Ilsabard contingent await you within.
Would you like me to see you through?
Enter the Royal Palace?
Yes No
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
By the Twelve...
Glad you could join us. I hope you don't mind, but we went ahead and started without you.
As you can imagine, our traveling companions were eager to become acquainted. 'Tis a rare thing indeed to see such a diverse and talented group of individuals assembled for a single purpose.
We fight not only for the sake of Eorzea, but for the entire world—including the people of Garlemald. Much rides on the efforts of the Ilsabard contingent.
Indeed. Which is why I am glad to find myself in the company of many trusted comrades—yourselves included.
I have come at the behest of Lord Aymeric, who has honored me with the role of Ishgard's representative. For the good of all nations, not least my former homeland, I am determined to see this mission through to its end.
We have a hard road ahead of us, but walk it we shall. Together.
We too welcome this opportunity to work together once more. I have faith that, if there is a way to resolve this conflict, we will find it.
Allow me to introduce you to the rest of our company.

Everyone, if I may have your attention!

Might I ask you to speak first?
If I must...

I am A-Ruhn-Senna, spokesman for the Gridanian delegation, here on behalf of my esteemed sister, the Elder Seedseer.

We shall provide support and protection to those in need during our time in Garlemald.

To that end, I am joined by healers selected by the Conjurers' Guild, with the Order of the Twin Adder's finest serving as our escort.

Of course, with an experienced white mage such as yourself accompanying us as well, those requiring more involved treatment will be in safe hands. Raya-O sends her regards, by the way.
S'pose I'd better say my piece...
Wait—I know you!
The name's Sicard, in case you've forgotten. Truth be told, I'd rather you had forgotten...

Anyroad, the Admiral asked Captain Hyllfyr to send his best, and for whatever reason, he picked me.

'Course, if I'd refused, I'd be the laughin' stock of the Bloody Executioners, and my reputation's taken enough of a keelhaulin' as it is. But more importantly, like any pirate worth his salt, I know when you're starin' down a storm, you've got to trust in the commander of your ship.

So if the Admiral wants us to go to Garlemald—not for plunder and glory, but the promise of peace in our time—then that's what we'll do!

Since we all know how much the Empire loves its steel, we thought we'd bring along a few smiths to make the most of it. Give 'em a pile of scrap and they'll cobble together anythin' you fancy.

'Course, just like the Gridanians, we've got fighters of our own. We might've come with a more constructive purpose in mind, but we're more'n capable of cracking skulls, believe you me.
Well, you're certainly raring to go. But then again, so are we. The most dependable warriors of Ul'dah and Ala Mhigo have assembled at the sultana and General Aldynn's behest.
That's where we come in. Naturally, Marshall Tarupin and I will be leading from the front.
It's been some time since I last saw you in your element on the battlefield.
From what I've heard, you've become pretty fearsome yourself. "Master Matoya," the "avatar of destruction."

With comrades like these, I know we'll succeed, no matter what awaits us.

And then we might finally get a chance to enjoy a good long rest. But until then, let's give it our all!
As for Ishgard, we Temple Knights have come in force to uphold our nation's commitment to the peace and welfare of our allies.

The bitter cold of Garlemald is a formidable enemy in of itself. Our experience fighting in ice and snow will prove invaluable in the days ahead.

Accordingly, I have been designated commander of the Ilsabard contingent. I will do all in my power to provide you with the leadership and guidance you require.

The four High Houses—House Haillenarte foremost among them—have arranged for a host of machinists to join us on our mission.

Their knowledge of imperial magitek is sure to be a great boon. They will address any problems of a technical nature, together with the smiths of Limsa Lominsa.

There is another awaiting introduction...
Lord Emmanellain!
Ah, yes... Emmanellain de Fortemps, at your service.

Though...lest there be any misunderstanding, I should stress that I've not become a "fearsome" warrior while you were away. Rather far from it, actually. My brother, in his infinite wisdom, decided this would be an excellent chance to make something of myself... Oh, and fight for world peace and all that.

But should the opportunity arise for a spot of ballroom dancing, I will be your twinkle-toed Gentleman of Light!
What will you say?
May your graceful prancing lead the way to victory! I daresay your fancy footwork may be all that stands between us and certain doom.
Huzzah! I cannot wait to regale Honoroit with my tales of derring-do!
I believe that concludes introductions for the Grand Company of Eorzea.
Our allies from the Eastern alliance were due to arrive some time ago, but it would appear they have been delayed...
Would that be the shinobi of Doma?
Actually, they've been tasked with relaying messages back and forth between the various Eastern nations. According to Lord Hien, however, an equally capable company of warriors has been sent in their stead...
Out of my way, you preening fool!
Forgive us for coming late! We are the delegates of the Eastern Alliance.
Cirina! And you've brought company!
For battle and blood we come, as the Steppe is sorely lacking in both. No towers befoul our lands, so we marched on those of Doma—only to find them beyond our reach.
But now our thirst for slaughter will be slaked! No quarter to the enemy!
Sadu Khatun, no! We go to make peace with the ironmen, not war.
Warriors of the Steppe, we have heard many tales of your bravery. We welcome you as allies. And these other ones you brought are...?
Members of the Dalmascan resistance group, Lente's Tears.
And the Bozjan Resistance.
Between them, they have a wealth of experience in espionage, and are particularly adept at infiltrating imperial facilities. Which is fortuitous, since Garlemald's domain is so vast that I could never hope to handle reconnaissance duties all by myself.
Dalmasca, Bozja, Ala Mhigo... All lands which have suffered the tyranny of the Empire.

I would never presume to question your motives. Nevertheless, I must reiterate that our goal is to aid the victims of the Telophoroi. The commonfolk of Garlemald.

And they are victims, make no mistake. Though I understand that many may struggle to see them as such...
You're more right than you know. For every one of us that answered the call, there were a dozen that refused.

Not only in Ala Mhigo, but everywhere we went. And who could blame them? The Empire's always been "the enemy."

But after seeing what we've seen...fighting and working against—and with—Garleans, there's no denying the simple truth.

They're just people. No different from you or I. They've got their share of liars and murderers, but so do we. So do we all.

Fordola, who once swore herself to Garlemald, has proven herself a trusted ally time and time again. Every Eorzean here knows Cid Garlond, the imperial defector who shared with us countless technological wonders.

Gaius bloody Baelsar himself is working to help rebuild Werlyt, a nation he once conquered.

So you can believe me when I say that every fighter here understands and accepts that the imperials are not monsters and are deserving of help. Or at least that they were able to put aside their feelings for the greater good.

It won't be easy, but we're all determined to make this world a better place.
What lingering concerns I may have had were clearly unwarranted. I agree with everything you said wholeheartedly.
Then we are in accord. Now—let us review our strategy.

To reach the Garlean capital in northern Ilsabard, we must cross the central mountain range.

Fortunately, Garlond Ironworks can provide aerial transport, sparing us this most treacherous part of our journey.

However, attempting to fly any closer to Garlemald would attract the attention of the Telophoroi.

As they appear to have seized control of the majority of the imperial military, we must assume that includes its fleet. In addition, Garlemald possesses devices that can interfere with airship navigational systems, further discouraging an airborne approach.
Given the circumstances, the closest we dare deploy our contingent is an area between the range and the capital—the Magna Glacies.

From there, we must travel the rest of the way on foot. We will also need to bring the airships with us to ensure we can withdraw with haste. Although much of the terrain will be blanketed in snow, we should be able to make use of local roads and shipping facilities.

The vast ice field will afford us an unobstructed view of the surrounding area. On the other hand, it will also allow others to easily spot us, so it is imperative that we only make camp in positions where we can easily defend ourselves—and the airships, which must be kept safe at all costs.
We cannot account for every possibility, so we must be prepared to think on our feet. We will be tested. Sorely tested, I expect. But for our homes and for our people—and a people not our own but in need—we will succeed.
Spare no effort in your preparations. Once we depart, there is no turning back.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

Do you wish to meet with the rest of the Ilsabard contingent?
Enter the Royal Palace?
Yes No

I am glad to see you well, Forename. Grandmother was worried for you.

The night I agreed to come hither and join the contingent, the gods sent her a strange dream.

Two suns—one burning red, the other frozen black. Closer they circled, closer and closer, and as they danced the world fell to ruin. In blinding chaos she spied blackened silhouettes, and knew at once that one was yours.

Yet we knew not how to interpret this dream, save as a sign that great danger awaits. But whatever lies ahead, I will walk with you, traveler.
With the Mol—champions of the Naadam—and the Dotharl having sent so many here, I had thought to defend the Steppe in their absence.

And I would have done so were it not for my Steppe brothers. They urged me to grant our allies the Sun's might, that his radiance may deliver them unto victory.

Though I must tolerate the presence of this feral Dotharli dog, as first among my brothers, I could do no less than accept this challenge. My deeds will become the stuff of legends.
I care not for the ironmen or their troubles. It is the destiny of the weak to die in ignominy.

Even so, I will do as I have agreed. I volunteered to join this band at Cirina's request, and if she thinks it a worthy cause, that is reason enough.

Though we hail from different tribes, our bond has grown strong of late. She is much better company on a hunt than any of the Steppe's oafish men could dream to be.
If Bozja questline is incomplete. If Lv. 80 Gunbreaker Job quest is complete. If Bozja questline is complete.
Once again, we find ourselves fighting on the same side. First Bozja, now Garlemald.
It may seem strange I'd agree to aid the imperials after waging war against them for so long...but here I am. It's time we put the past behind us.
Ah, Radovan's student. I hear from a certain student of my own you've been kept rather busy of late. You might be wondering why a Bozjan would want to aid the Garleans.
It's simple. I'm a gunbreaker, and my duty is to defend. The way I see it, the civilians in the capital are in need of protection, so that's what I'll do.
Allow me to express my deepest gratitude for your role in liberating Bozja. Me and my countrymen owe you more than we can ever hope to repay.
Now that our dream has finally been realized, Bajsaljen has seen fit to send a few of us to join this expeditionary force. I hope our skills will be of use.

I've led troops into battle many a time, but never a unit with such a diverse range of talents.
While I've been briefed on their capabilities, I expect you could provide additional insight into their strengths and weaknesses. I'd appreciate any advice you may have.
I cast my lot with the Populares to bridge the divide between Garlemald and her territories, that all may be united in common cause.

But we were disparaged as a radical element. Dissenters looking to destabilize the Empire from within. Many friends and even my parents perished in "unfortunate accidents." I, too, would surely have met the same fate had I not defected.

Nevertheless, I still dream of equality and peace for us all. As the world itself stands on the brink of collapse, I hold out hope that one day that dream will become reality.
Well, well! If I'd known what a social gathering this would turn out to be, I'd have dressed for the occasion! Still, this seems the perfect opportunity to mingle with the other guests.
Would I be correct in assuming those ladies over yonder are Cirina and Sadu of the Steppe? Hmm... Perhaps I should introduce myself, though I don't much like the look of that fellow with the enormous axe.
If Dragoon Job is unlocked. If Lv. 70 Dragoon Job quest is complete.
I trust Estinien is proving himself a useful addition to your band. Though I am here today in my capacity as a Temple Knight, I look forward to seeing the other former Azure Dragoon in action once more.
Let me have a look at you. A touch nervous to enter the battlefield perhaps? Well, I shall be out there alongside you as a Temple Knight serving with your fine van.
Though I may not look it, I was the Azure Dragoon once upon a time. So you can rest assured I will give all that I have in the coming fight. I certainly won't be shown up by you or Estinien!
If Machinist Job is unlocked. If Lv. 60 Machinist Job quest is complete.
Well met, Forename, well met! 'Twould seem that my machinists have been called upon to serve—a turn of events which, according to my prospectometer, could prove to be quite the opportunity.
I shall show the world the full extent of machinistry's worth, of that and more you can be sure of, my friend!
If it isn't Forename! 'Tis thanks in no small part to you that the manufactory's future is looking brighter than ever, my friend—I am pleased to report that I and a handful of my colleagues have been selected to join the contingent.
Ere the expedition has ended, even the Temple Knights will be singing our machinists' praises—once they have borne witness to not only our mechanical proficiency, but our combat prowess too, of course!

It seems so long ago we were sailing across the Ruby Sea, and charging about the Azim Steppe with Cirina and the others. I'd say we're overdue for another adventure!

Ah, it brings back memories to see so many familiar faces. We've been through so much together. Good times and...not so good.

I expect Garlemald will be mostly the latter, but I'd like to believe we'll look back on these days more fondly in the years to come. But for that to happen, we'll have to make it out of this alive. Don't you die on me, aye?
Often has Father told me of the struggles faced by Ala Mhigo in the days of the occupation, and I too have crossed swords with the Empire on many occasions.

Though Garlemald has long been our bitter enemy, Her Grace has elected to bolster the Ilsabard contingent with members of the Immortal Flames.

As representatives of the sultanate, we are one in our commitment to the cause.
If Thaumaturge Job is unlocked. If Lv. 30 Thaumaturge Job quest is complete.
Hm hm hm... The Telophoroi, you say? Let us see how they like it when we visit our destructive magicks upon them.
Hm hm hm... We came as quickly as we could. We would follow your example and devastate the Telophoroi with the full extent of our powers!
Worry not for your brothers, Busi! We will return soon enough!
If Pugilist Job is unlocked. If Lv. 30 Pugilist Job quest is complete.
I'm here representing the Pugilists' Guild in place of Master Hamon. Know that I've your back till the bitter end, Forename.
I'm so glad I found you. I've for you a letter from Master Hamon. Let's read it together, shall we?

Now let's see here... Ahem. "I've every confidence that your fists shall bring the Telophoroi to their knees. And should you espy any beautiful maidens thereabouts, perhaps sing to them my praises?"

Charming, Master... Well, more fool me for thinking that letter would contain something actually inspiring. Let's just, ummm, forget this note exists and focus on the battle ahead.

Until the Empire fell, Garleans were the only ones we was allowed to impose "tariffs" upon at sea. Weren't easy pickin's, but I made myself a pretty gil.
Since they've been so generous to me and mine, perhaps it's time I returned the favor and gave a little somethin' back.
If Marauder Job is unlocked. If Lv. 30 Marauder Job quest is complete.
I'm here representin' the Marauders' Guild, an' it's my job to keep the smiths out of harm's way. Mind you, with them hammers of theirs, they can put up a fair fight themselves!
I'm here representin' the Marauders' Guild, an' it's my job to keep the smiths out of harm's way. Mind you, with them hammers of theirs, they can put up a fair fight themselves! With a bit o' luck, this'll be over an' done with afore ye know it.
Maybe when this is all over, ye could pay the axemaster a visit. He still tells all the new recruits about the time ye killed Kujata an' avenged that boy's parents. Heh, I remember it like it were yesterday!
If Scholar Job is unlocked. If Lv. 60 Scholar Job quest is complete.
Greetings, Forename. It appears that both thew and thought are needed here, and who embodies both as well as I? So, for the time being, my research into ancient Nym must wait.
Greetings, Forename. The time has come for us marines to show our valor upon the battlefield. All who see us will know of our name and quake before our might!
To victory—come hells or high water!

If Lv. 60 White Mage Job quest is incomplete. If Lv. 60 White Mage Job quest is complete.
With so many people from so many places, I'm rather out of my element.
Regardless, I am a Seedseer, and will endeavor to acquit myself accordingly.
In case you were wondering, Eschiva will be staying behind to defend the Twelveswood with my sisters.
She was of the opinion she would make a useful addition to our contingent—and was eager to make good on her vow to accompany me as well. Which was...flattering...but ultimately, it was decided that her skills would be better put to use keeping our homeland safe. I am of course obligated to share with her every detail when I return.
If Bard Job is unlocked. If Lv. 60 Bard Job quest is complete.
When I heard that the Gods' Quiver were sending a bard to join the contingent, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to demonstrate my strategies involving the use of song on the battlefield.
As expected, it was none other than Guydelot. Honestly, I hope he doesn't cause any problems, though I am not about to hold my breath...
Our prowess has finally been recognized by the Order of the Twin Adder! Naturally, Guydelot is also here helping us.
Whilst his ability as a bard is unmatched, I do worry about his judgement. However, you need not—I shall be keeping a close eye on him. I promise.
If Bard Job is unlocked. If Lv. 60 Bard Job quest is complete.
Well, would you look at that. Forename, swooping in to pluck our former villains from the jaws of death. You and yours certainly are a heroic bunch, aren't you?
Sanson on the other hand... Who does he think he is, preaching to me as he does? Honestly. Last thing I need is him talking my bloody ear off.
I can't lie to you, Forename. I wasn't entirely for this whole thing when Sanson spoke to me, but...if it means being your brother-in-arms, then who am I to pettifog?
I shouldn't be so hard on him, I suppose. This bard unit is quite impressive, really. Yes, one must give credit where credit is due. Rather uncouth for one to do otherwise, after all!

If Lv. 50 Dragoon Job quest is complete. If Lv. 50 Dragoon Job quest is not complete.
I did not expect to see the other former Azure Dragoon here of all places...
As he well knows, I'm not one for verbose greetings. We shall instead let our lances do the talking once we are on the battlefield. Then we'll see if the other has been diligent in his training.
So, Lucia's in command... Regardless of her background, she's a Temple Knight through and through. I daresay her Garlean roots are all the more reason for her to lead this mission.
Blessed are we to have made countless steadfast allies o'er our journey's course. Indeed, we are joined today by many new acquaintances, who in time, shall we come to call our comrades...and mayhap friends.
I was half-expecting to find the man who taught me red magic amongst our number, but he's nowhere to be seen.

I suppose he's had his share of unpleasant experiences with the Empire, but so have we all. Perhaps there's some other reason...

Well, in any case, I've a feeling I'll see him again once this is all over. I'm sure he'll be pleasantly surprised by how much my swordplay's improved since we last met!
We've been part of joint military operations like this before, and with far greater numbers. But for some reason, this feels very different to our previous experiences.
Despite having shared little more than introductions, there is already a palpable sense of camaraderie.
This is extraordinary...
To be in such company, the finest our allies have to offer. With comrades such as these, we are bound to succeed. I'm certain of it!
I've close ties with the scouts of the Eastern alliance and the various resistance groups, and they're an absolute joy to work with.
Besides the delegates assembled here, the Amalj'aa and several other tribes offered to send troops of their own.

Unfortunately, due to their physiology, many would struggle simply to survive in the harsh climate of Ilsabard. They would also likely prove tempting targets for abduction by the Telophoroi...

All things considered, they can better aid the cause by bolstering our defenses in Eorzea─though their eagerness to do more has been noted.

We few shall have to suffice. Ere we embark, we must distribute the warding scales to our comrades. Care to do the honors?

I suspect a few of our comrades will be rather pleased to speak with you again, which is why I thought you'd be the ideal candidate.
In the meantime, I have a bone to pick with Thancred and Urianger regarding their wagging tongues...

We heard it would be cold in Garlemald, so we came prepared...

Oh, the talismans! We are to keep these close at all times, yes? I will see that no one misplaces theirs.

Ah, and before I forget, I have a message from Hien.

"In distant lands, in times of strife,
Together, stand; together, fight,
In darkness shines the light of life."

...I hope I have done his words justice. Doma, like much of Othard, has been plagued by the towers. Yet while he could not be here, he wished to express his shared conviction.

Hien and Yugiri labor without rest to unite the people, and with their aid will we keep the enemy at bay.

And we of the Steppe and the Eastern alliance will repay their efforts by ending this war!
Warding scales for the Ishgardian delegation, I take it?

Many thanks. These talismans may prove to be the deciding factor in the battles to come.

I find myself...conflicted by this foray into Garlemald. Sent by the Empire to infiltrate Ishgard, only to throw in my lot with those whose secrets I was supposed to be stealing...

And now I lead a mission to save the countrymen I betrayed.

But that is doubtless why I was chosen by Lord Aymeric. He would have me put my extensive knowledge and former ties to good use. I will not disappoint him.

For the future of Ishgard, Garlemald, and the world at large, I will lead us to victory.
I hear you've got somethin' for us.

Ahh, them scales everyone's been talkin' about. Pretty little things, ain't they? Reckon they'll be worth a gil or two when this is all over, but we'll hold onto 'em for now.

And one more thing─ I know what you're all thinkin'. "Why didn't they send Eynzahr instead?"

Buggered if I know. All the Admiral and Captain Hyllfyr told me was they needed someone to help "safeguard the future." And here I am. Can't say they haven't got a sense of humor.

'Course, some of you might be wonderin' what good a pirate is on dry land, in the middle of the soddin' snow of all places. Well, me and my crew'll do whatever needs doin', so let's set sail─or however the sayin' goes on airships.
So these are the famed warding scales? Enough for me and my men, I see.
If Lv. 60 White Mage Job quest is incomplete. If Lv. 60 White Mage Job quest is complete.
Under normal circumstances, I would not be allowed to travel outside of the Twelveswood. The Elder Seedseer, however, has granted me special permission.

She has bid me lend my magicks to the people of Garlemald while learning all I can of their ways. In so doing, I will come closer to understanding myself and my place in the world...or so she says.

I say it is past time our allies benefited from the power at a Seedseer's disposal. Some bemoan that we hide our light under a bushel, and I intend to address that criticism.
I myself am especially grateful for this opportunity to visit distant lands. I wish to follow in the footsteps of Master A–Towa and learn all there is to learn of this star we call home.

Indeed, that is the primary reason I volunteered to join the expedition. To journey outside the Twelveswood, much less enter into imperial territory, is a rare privilege afforded a Padjal.

Not that I'm tagging along to see the sights. The Garleans would benefit from my healing magicks, as would our comrades, should fighting break out.
That a set of warding scales I spy? Not that I would know what they'd look like...

Wow, look at these! Even a layman like me can tell they're bursting with aether. All the better to fend off the...tempering waves? Is that the right term?

Anyway, these'll give us one less thing to worry about. Which just leaves the other mountain of whatever else is waiting for us in Garlemald.

Only one way to find out, eh? And nervous or not, I'd march through all seven hells if it gave me a chance to put Zenos back in the grave where he belongs.
Do you have a warding scale for me, too?

Thank you for this─and for going to such incredible lengths for the sake of my people.

Though I have little to offer in return, I would impart some advice, if I may. You have been told by many to ware the cold of Ilsabard, and I cannot stress enough that this is no token warning.

I will be distributing specially made warming tinctures─courtesy of the Alchemists' Guild─but understand that they are no substitute for proper protection.

I leave the provisioning of said protection to your discretion. Now, let us proceed to the Ala Mhigan Quarter.

While you make your final preparations, I will have the pilots ready the airships.

I believe the other members of the contingent are at present acquiring supplies for the journey ahead. Are you not in need of anything else?
Preparations? I've got my armor and my lance. What more could I need?
Concoctions to fortify the flesh against wind and cold are commonly sold in the Ul'dahn markets─though they are of dubious provenance and efficacy.
'Tis said, however, that in recent days the Alchemists' Guild hath produced a tincture capable of such a feat. Mayhap the achievements of their Thavnairian counterparts did spur them to action, that they not be put to shame.
It's something of a constant refrain that we require warmer clothing. My present garb may be lacking, fur collar notwithstanding...
If you've anything you still need to take care of, you'd better see to it now!
Since my "revival," I've been lax in expanding my limited wardrobe. Think we have time for a quick trip back to Old Sharlayan? I recall a rather fetching coat...
This coat is quite warm, but I have something rather thicker for occasions like these. There's no telling how long we'll be out in the open, and we can't go starting fires willy-nilly if we want to avoid detection.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
This is our last chance to make ready before we set forth.
You needn't worry about Urianger and I. We still have what we wore in Garlemald before.

Estinien claims to be quite warm and toasty beneath his armor, and since he spent a fair bit of time up north recently as well, I have no reason to doubt his words.

Most of the others will be borrowing Grand Company stock. The rest of you could do likewise, I suppose, provided you're not overly concerned with style.
Hmm... Not to put too fine a point on it, but I wouldn't be seen dead in one of those ridiculous overcoats. If only I had time to find something to my liking...
Hark! Is that the cry of Scions in need of a tailor I hear?
B-But how!?
Muahaha! I have my ways. Oh yes, indeed!

You thought you could sneak off to Ilsabard without telling me?

Ha! Nothing escapes my notice!

Now, you will wear these garments I've made for you whether you like it or not!
You never cease to amaze!
But...why do you need a new outfit as well? Wait─are you coming with us!?
What? No. Of course not, silly. It's all in the name of fashion! Rather, the pursuit of the highest quality fashion! Besides, how can I expect others to wear my creations if I've never worn them myself?

Ah, I did have one other thing to share.

Aergmhus and Bluomwyda have finally returned from assignments in faraway lands!

They'll be staying at the Rising Stones for a while, to keep an eye on events throughout Eorzea.

Since they'll be running things back at headquarters...I was wondering...if I could lend a Sharlayan?
Oh, why not. You can keep Krile company in the Baldesion Annex.
Yes, we'd love to have you there. And I heard Aergmhus and Bluomwyda did a fine job carrying on in our stead while we were lying comatose. With them in charge of the Rising Stones, we've nothing to worry about.
My thoughts exactly! Also, while I'm confident you won't go collapsing again (because a certain someone who shall remain nameless isn't in a position to transport your souls to another world), if anything similarly disastrous were to happen, I'll be well positioned to do something about it.

Anyway, I've got a few things to take care of, and then I'll make my way to Sharlayan...

I really do hope these new clothes are enough to keep you warm in Garlemald.

It's not much, but it's the only thing I can do for you, other than pray for your safe return. Which I will. Every day...
Let's not keep the contingent waiting any longer.
Here are your winter woolies, handcrafted by yours truly!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Quest Completed
We'll depart once the contingent has finished its preparations.

Well, if it isn't Master Surname! Long has it been since we last met, but surely you haven't forgotten, have you? 'Tis I, Aergmhus—formerly of the Maelstrom and the Crystal Braves!
Upon returning from my mission abroad, Tataru called me to the Rising Stones and asked me to "prepare for the worst." And though the worst has yet to come, I must abstain from indulging in a glass of wine until after it's passed.
It's been quite some time, hasn't it? As I recall, Ishgard was still at war with Nidhogg's brood when last we spoke. I hear the dragoon from those days is a Scion now.

As for Aergmhus and I, we recently returned from a mission in the provinces, where we built up an information network at Riol's behest. The man's a tyrant—had us working every waking moment.

Anyroad, the two of us have been tasked with keeping watch over the Rising Stones, but I'm keeping a closer watch on Aergmhus and his alcohol intake. Last thing I need is for the man to be in a drunken stupor when trouble comes our way.
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