Blood in the Water (20)

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 Lv. 20   Blood in the Water
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Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Experience Seals
Expicon.png3,248 Flame Seal Icon.png138
Informationicon.png Description
There is a shapeshifter about, maddening the wild beasts among whom it travels. Caravans have seen screaming sheep, wool dripping crimson and horns crusted black, reel into oases to foul the water with their corruption. Root out the shapeshifter and afford it neither ruth nor rage.

(Begin by surprising an earth sprite with a "/poke," then slay the glowing figure to acquire "luminous crystals." Use this item on beasts to see through their guises.)

Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Report to Eastern Thanalan.
  • Discover who is carrying the luminous crystals and slay the target.
  • Wicked Soul: 0/3
  • Slay enemies that respond to the /poke emote and collect luminous crystals.
The Immortal Flames 2nd Main Brigade
The Immortal Flames Flag.pngEquity.png
Issuing NPC: Kikiri
Eastern Thanalan - Drybone - Camp Drybone (14-23)
Classes: Disciples of MagicDisciples of War
Type: Battlecraft
Guildleve: Equity
Duration: 20m
Location: Camp Drybone
Required Items
Luminous Crystal Icon.png
Mobs Involved: Earth SpriteBald BuzzardWicked Soul
Items Involved: Luminous Crystal

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