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Bonds of Trust

Mainquest1 Icon.pngNew Lv. 90   Bonds of Trust

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Jullus: Garlemald - Regio Domorum - Tertium (x:31.7, y:17.4)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Tertium

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png90The Fallen EmpireMainquest1 Icon.png The Fallen Empire (Level 90)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 90)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

King Urchin Loaf
King Urchin Loaf
Melon Juice
Melon Juice
Garlean Pizza
Garlean Pizza
Loaghtan Rump Steak
Loaghtan Rump Steak
Allagan Silver Piece
Allagan Silver Piece
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Concern is writ plain on Jullus's face.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Find Mettius, and defeat any enemies which threaten him.
  • Aid Mettius.
  • Speak with Zero.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071201.png90Lunar RendezvousMainquest1 Icon.png Lunar Rendezvous (Level 90)

Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved

  • Concern is writ plain on Jullus's face.
  • Incensed that Gnaeus would even consider trading Garlean technology to a foreign nation for currency and supplies, Mettius storms out of Tertium before talks can begin in earnest. Knowing that it is not safe for a civilian to traverse the wastes unattended, you and your allies venture forth to search for the magistrate.
  • Your timing is impeccable, as you find Mettius cowering before an advancing warmachina clearly intent upon doing him serious harm. You make short work of the contraption and save the magistrate's life. but it remains to be seen if he suffered more than mere scrapes and bruises in his panic to escape.
  • Even after such a harrowing experience, Mettius regards you and your comrades with disdain. Seeing this, Jullus implores the proud patriot to look beyond the glories of the past and accept the reality of their situation, that the Garlean people might build stronger ties with outsiders and improve their lot. Moved by this heartfelt appeal, Mettius apologizes for his behavior, and resolves to rejoin the talks at Tertium. But the magistrate is not the only one with whom Jullus's words appear to have struck a chord, as Zero bids the soldier explain how he wielded trust so deftly and “bound the magistrate.” Puzzled, Jullus corrects her misconception, and credits his success to the infectious nature of trust. “When someone believes in you, it makes you want to believe in them. In others. In yourself.”
Zero recalls a moment from her own past when a mage and knight once implored her to trust in them and join in their fight to end the Contramemoria. Alas, she could not bring herself to do so, and instead refused them outright. Though she fears she may lack the capacity to place her faith in another, Jullus states that what she could not do yesterday, she may yet do today─that so long as we yet live, there is cause to hope. For has she not already learned to forge bonds with you and your comrades? And a friend by any other name would be as deserving of trust. Thus does Jullus extend his hand to her in friendship, and reaffirm that he regards her as a comrade.
  • Upon returning to Tertium, you find the station filled with representatives of the various settlements scattered throughout Garlemald. With Mettius's consent, Gnaeus announces to all in attendance that they will enter into a trade agreement with Radz–at–Han. By virtue of this partnership, you and your allies will be afforded permission to access the Tower of Babil, bringing you one step closer to reaching the void, and saving Azdaja.

I'm not surprised. Some people cannot be moved by mere words.
While I am thrilled Lord Gnaeus was willing to consider my proposal, I am worried about Lord Mettius...
To the best of my knowledge, Lord Mettius is a civil servant with no combat experience. Should he meet with misfortune, he may fare poorly.
I fear for Lord Mettius...
An embarrassing display. A man of Mettius's station should have the capacity to keep his emotions in check.
It's far too dangerous for a civilian to be outside alone! We must go after Lord Mettius!

Let us leave matters here in Maxima's care while the rest of us join in the search.

If Lord Mettius is bound for Senatus, we may be able to catch up to him in Regio Urbanissima. I pray he has not come to any harm...
Quest Accepted
Do not worry about us. Just see that Lord Mettius does not come to harm. Please.
I-I'm alive...?
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
Praise the Sisters you are safe!
Don't think I'm indebted to you. I never asked for your help.
You love Garlemald dearly, Lord Mettius. That much is plain. But you're not alone in that.

We all mourn what has become of our homeland. Bristle at having to rely upon outsiders simply to survive the cold.

Even now, I struggle with fear and uncertainty. Day after day, I ask myself, what is right? Where do we go from here?

I've yet to find the answers.

But I won't stop looking nonetheless. And I won't avert my gaze from our grim reality.
Is there hope for us?
Aye. So long as we live.

Garlemald lies in ruins, but the bonds between us will never be broken.

We are the chain that connects generations past and future. You and I its links. Help us, Lord Mettius, for all we have been and for what we may yet become. Please.
To be lectured by the young... It ill becomes a man of my station.

I will rejoin the talks at Tertium. Might I trouble you to escort me?

Ere we part... I apologize for my...discourtesy. I owe you my life, and...I thank you.
Jullus, wait. I'd like a word.
With you as well. I'm to stay close, after all.
Worry not, we shall see the magistrate safely back to Tertium.
What is it?
You bound that man with trust, didn't you? That's why he did not require coercion to return.
Er... Shall we walk, perhaps? Chilly standing around here.

So that's how Zero came to join you.

Still, I'm not sure I'm qualified to explain something like trust.

I wouldn't describe myself as a sociable person. Before all...this...any free time I had, I spent looking after my brother and sister.

As for the magistrate, I only told him what's been on my mind of late...

But I wouldn't have done so, I think, if it weren't for the twins' influence.

Trust is infectious, in a manner of speaking. When someone believes in you, it makes you want to believe in them. In others. In yourself.

Perhaps it's because the magistrate felt that earnestness that he gave us a chance. As I did, after I was caught trying to steal provisions from “the enemy.” Trust comes easy in such company.
Little wonder my world is devoid of it.

No one trusts in you, and so you trust in no one. And round the wheel turns.

During the Contramemoria, we had already come to judge one another based on strength and usefulness.

You either used or were used. Those who rejected this rule didn't survive.

My mother wanted to save the world. To fulfill the hopes of memoriates good and true. After she died, I carried on her mission alone.
Alone... Didn't you have anyone to help you?
Almost. Two men tried, just the once.

A swordsman and a mage, whom I met when passing through a village. They had saved the people there from corrupted memoriates.

When they learned our enemies were the same, they seemed heartened.

They claimed to be soldiers of a kingdom called Baron, and were traveling the realm in search of a means to end the Contramemoria.

They invited me to join them. I refused. How could I not, having learned the lessons of my world?

Those who would work with others always have their own motives. I would not place myself at their mercy. I would not be forced to submit.

I expected some manner of outburst. Some show of frustration at having failed to deceive me. But they simply watched me walk away.

I didn't know what to make of it then, but now... Perhaps they shared a bond of trust. Perhaps they were the last ones left who dared.

Perhaps they hoped I was like them, too. Perhaps it was just an offer and nothing more.

I continued fighting alone. But ultimately, I was undone. Overwhelmed by enemies that had banded together.

I was cold. In pain. Wishing desperately that someone would save me.

And as I lay there in solitude, I felt it happen. The breaking of our world.

Darkness washed over me, and I was swept into the rift.

When I finally managed to return, it was to a world forever transformed. My home, now filled with abominations.

I had a chance to learn about trust...and forsook it.

I never had the power to save my home single-handed. I should have accepted their invitation.

Had I joined them, as I've joined you, I might not have had to face the end of the world alone.

But it's all history, now. No amount of reflection or regret will change our present reality.
Whatever may have happened in the past, you're still here, Zero. Alive.

So long as you're alive, there will always be hope. No matter how bad things get.

What you couldn't do yesterday, you might still do today.

Think about it. It's plain that you've forged bonds with those around you.

If you didn't feel that in some sense, would you have risked your life as you did for a meager ration of buuz?

I trust you too, for what it's worth.
Here it is again.

The fire that burned in my breast when you came to my rescue. The urge to weep, though there is no sorrow...

If this is trust, then what must I do? How do I answer it?
What will you say?
However you like. With a handshake, perhaps?
Give me your hand.
It's not something you do constantly, mind. A friend is a friend regardless.
A “friend”? ...So that's what it means.
Someone you trust.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
When I first met Zero, I wasn't sure what to make of her forthright-to-a-fault nature. But now I understand she is simply an honest soul to the core.

Thank you. I feel at last as though I've found the answers I sought, and I owe it all to you and Jullus.

Right, then. I expect the others have already arrived back at Tertium. We should join them.
Quest Completed
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Full glad am I to see everyone returned, and none the worse for wear.
Various representatives of the Garlean community are gathered here this very moment. I daresay this is a fine opportunity to announce the trade agreement.
You've read the memorandum─I trust you find the terms acceptable?
I do. And, Gnaeus... I pray you forgive my disgraceful conduct earlier. I am ashamed not only of my behavior, but of placing the burden of negotiations solely on your shoulders in my absence.
You should know that, when we brought up the subject of the tower's reactivation to the people at Tapper's Den, some reacted quite strongly.
Once we explained that it would be to prevent another voidsent invasion, however, they were more receptive. It's fair to say the recent episode is still fresh in their minds.
I tagged along to deliver a supply of ceruleum. Have to say, I didn't expect to see such a large crowd. Even the stuffy imperials who normally keep to themselves in Senatus are here.
Ahem. My friends and countrymen, lend me your ears!

I am pleased to inform you all on this joyous occasion that we, the people of Garlemald, have entered into a trade agreement with Radz-at-Han!

To inaugurate our accord, we intend to grant the individuals before you access to the Tower of Babil. In return, Radz-at-Han will provide us with supplies, which shall be equally distributed amongst the settlements of our nation.

Let me be clear on one point: this is not an act of charity, but trade. A bargain struck between equals, rooted in trust and respect. And it marks a significant step towards rebuilding our nation and regaining true independence.
Radz-at-Han holds Garlean technology and ingenuity in the highest esteem. It is my hope that, through this agreement, our peoples will enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship for years to come.
Now then, we bid you gather round to hear the particulars, that you might convey them to those elsewhere.
So burdened by hardship and trauma were the people of Garlemald that they were unable to imagine a brighter future.
To be recognized as equals─as a nation with something of value to offer to others... That validation alone is enough to rekindle their hope.
'Tis by virtue of this partnership that we may access the Tower of Babil. A rather timely development given the aether tanks' impending arrival.
Once the tower's stores have been replenished, we need but await Y'shtola's signal to channel the energy to the moon, yes?
Then you can leave that and anything else on this end to me and Alphinaud. No need to worry─devote all your energies to the mission in the void.
As ever, I am in your debt.
...You are good friends.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
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