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Book of Skyfire I

Book of Skyfire I Icon.pngBook of Skyfire I  Key Item
Key Item
A sacred tome depicting the valorous deeds of the Zodiac Braves, legendary heroes from a bygone era.
Acquisition Uses
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Used in Quest (1)
Quest Level
Trials of the Braves 50
A book used in the process of upgrading an Atma relic weapon.

Upgrades the weapon's primary attribute (strength, dexterity, mind, or intelligence, depending on the weapon).


Heretic Icon.png
Daring Harrier  x3 - Mor Dhona
Giant Icon.png
Giant Logger  x3 - Coerthas Central Highlands
Sahagin Icon.png
Shoalspine Sahagin  x3 - Western La Noscea
Vanguard Icon.png
5th Cohort Vanguard  x3 - Mor Dhona
Enemy Humanoid Icon.png
Synthetic Doblyn  x3 - Outer La Noscea
Imperial Icon.png
4th Cohort Hoplomachus  x3 - Western Thanalan
Amalj'aa Icon.png
Zanr'ak Pugilist  x3 - Southern Thanalan
Ochu Icon.png
Milkroot Cluster  x3 - East Shroud
Enemy Humanoid Icon.png
Basilisk  x3 - Northern Thanalan
Imperial Icon.png
2nd Cohort Hoplomachus  x3 - Eastern La Noscea


Dungeon Icon.png
The Tam-Tara Deepcroft
Dungeon Icon.png
The Stone Vigil
Dungeon Icon.png
The Lost City of Amdapor
FATE Icon.png
Giant Seps - Coerthas Central Highlands
FATE Icon.png
Make it Rain - Outer La Noscea
FATE Icon.png
The Enmity of My Enemy - East Shroud
Levequest Icon.png
Necrologos: Pale Oblation - Northern Thanalan
Levequest Icon.png
An Imp Mobile - Coerthas Central Highlands
Levequest Icon.png
The Awry Salvages - Mor Dhona