Brass Blades

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In the employ of the wealthy Ul'dahns represented by the Syndicate, the Brass Blades are sellswords charged with maintaining peace and order within the sultanate. Though they ostensibly fall under the auspices of the Divan, in truth they are only too aware of who pays their wages. Thus, they are known to act according to the wishes of the rich, and few would object to calling them the Monetarists' private army. As sellswords' loyalty may be bought, cases of bribery have grown so numerous as to earn the scorn of honest citizens. However, not all of the Brass Blades are without scruples, and a small number are apparently honorable and earnest in the line of duty.
Organizational Structure
Brass Blades of the Rose: Western Thanalan
Brass Blades of the Violet: Central Thanalan
Brass Blades of the Orchid: Eastern Thanalan
Brass Blades of the Lotus: Southern Thanalan
Brass Blades of the Balsam: Ul'dah Proper
Brass Blades of the Gerbera: Private Citizens
Members: Adalfuns, Baldewyn, Brass Blade, Brass Blade Captain, Brass Blade (Highbridge), Brass Blade of the Gerbera, Chechezan, E'lahmui Ruby-eyes, E'tajha Sapphire-eyes, Fufulupa, Hunberct, Lurking Leech, Mimishu, Nononzo, Osbert, Roundelph, Yuyuhase
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