Braxio of the Well

Sylph Icon.pngBraxio of the Well  MinibossIcon.pngZoneicon.png
Level 26
Job(s) Thaumaturge
Gender Male
A diminutive people who dwell deep within the Black Shroud, sylphs resemble delicate dolls wrapped in vibrant leaves.

By and large, these woodland folk hold favorable relations with other races, and have become an almost common sight since a trade in crystals was established. The Garlean invasion of the Black Shroud, however, has quickly soured the sylphs' view of outsiders.

"The sylphs are a wee folk of the Twelveswood, or Black Shroud as the outsiders call it, who speak the language of the trees. They may appear adorable at first glance, but when their fury is on them they lust for blood as deeply as any of the other beast tribes. Irreverent gatherers and hunters, and even wayward travelers stumbling through the trees are oft taken by the greenfolk and never heard from again. Yet we have come to learn that they mean only to protect the wood as we do—in their own way. They are not considered to be absolute enemies as other beast tribes are. Indeed, Gridania even maintains some dealings and exchanges with the sylphs, though their lack of societal structure lessens any impact that might be had."

Living deep within the Black Shroud, they have extensive knowledge of crystals making them valuable contacts for merchants in the aether trade.

~ Prosperlain, Gridania
Zone Level Drops Notes
South Shroud (25, 22)
  Guildhesticon.pngAll's Well that Ends in the Well
 26 Aggressive.png

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