Brick by Gold Brick

FATE Icon.png Lv. 28-30   Brick by Gold Brick    15m
Zones: Upper La Noscea - Bronze Lake  (34-24)
North Shroud - Alder Springs - Finder's Bluff (15-31)
A stone brickman appears!
A golden brickman appears!
Show no mercy to these hostile invaders!
Experience Gil Seals
Expicon.png4,404-7,410 Gil Icon.png56-1,080 Flame Seal Icon.png161-172
World: Hydaelyn
Landmass: Aldenard
Region: The Black Shroud
Zone: North Shroud
Area: Alder Springs
Landmark: Finder's Bluff
Level: 28-30
Type: Slay Monsters
Required Status: Only available during the Dragon Quest X Crossover event.