Bridesmoogle (Minion)

Bridesmoogle (Minion) Icon.pngBridesmoogle
Lord of Verminion  Cost: 10  Poppet
HP: 420 ATK: 30 DEF: 30 SPD: ★★★
Strengths: LoV Gate Icon.png Auto-attack: Single-target
Special Action: Never the Bride
Increases ATK of all allies within range by 10.
360 Area Icon.png
Type: Enhancement Points: 20 Duration: 10s

Moogles serving the Sanctum of the Twelve claim the magicked poppets (provided with purchase of a lavish Ceremony of Eternal Bonding) are guaranteed to bring happiness. Conveniently offer no refunds if you do not hap upon said happiness.

Wh-What have you done with my bride!? - Vannes

Acquisition: Received from attending an Eternal Bonding Ceremony
Behavior: Obedient
Bridesmoogle Patch.png