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Bronze-trimmed Sack

Bronze-trimmed Sack Icon.png
Bronze-trimmed Sack  Gold chest icon.png
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This heavy bag containing a portion of the Palace of the Dead's Accursed Hoard has been sealed with powerful magicks. Only following an appraisal at the hands of a bishop trained in the dispelling of hexes can the seal be broken.
Item Level 1
Statistics & Bonuses:
Repairs, Recycle & Style:
Stack Size 999
Sells for Unsellable
Noconverticon.png Nodyeicon.png Nocresticon.png Noprojectableicon.png Nodesynthesizableicon.png Nostorableicon.png Nocollectableicon.png
Acquisition Edit Bronze-trimmed Sack's Miscellaneous Acquisition Information Uses Edit Bronze-trimmed Sack's Miscellaneous Use Information
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Acquired from Duty (1)
Miscellaneous Dutyicon.png Palace of the Dead
Grants (one of) the following on use or NPC appraisal
  Allagan Platinum Piece
  Baby Opo-opo
  Battledance Materia IV
  Cherry Confetti
  Clear Demimateria I
  Clear Demimateria II
  Clear Demimateria III
  Expeditioner's Cap
  Expeditioner's Coat
  Expeditioner's Gloves
  Expeditioner's Moccasins
  Expeditioner's Pantalettes
  Falconer's Shirt
  Flame Tracer
  Gridanian Sparkler
  Gryphonskin Breastguard
  Gryphonskin Pantalettes
  Heavens' Eye Materia IV
  Heavens' Eye Materia V
  High House Boots
  High House Halfboots
  High House Justaucorps
  Lesser Panda
  Lominsan Sparkler
  Magicked Prism (Crimson Star)
  Magicked Prism (Emerald Star)
  Magicked Prism (Harbor Herald)
  Magicked Prism (Immortal Flames)
  Magicked Prism (Indigo Star)
  Magicked Prism (Maelstrom)
  Magicked Prism (Mythril Eye)
  Magicked Prism (The Raven)
  Magicked Prism (Twin Adder)
  Minute Mindflayer
  Modern Aesthetics - Samsonian Locks
  Moonfire Caligae
  Moonfire Halter
  Moonfire Hat
  Moonfire Tanga
  Moonfire Vest
  Mummy's Little Mummy
  Page 63
  Paissa Brat
  Palace of the Dead Flooring
  Palace of the Dead Interior Wall
  Palace Pedestal
  Peach Confetti
  Piety Materia IV
  Piety Materia V
  Quickarm Materia IV
  Quickarm Materia V
  Quicktongue Materia IV
  Quicktongue Materia V
  Savage Aim Materia IV
  Savage Might Materia IV
  Savage Might Materia V
  Storm Tracer
  Survival Halfslops
  Survival Hat
  Survival Shirt
  Thavnairian Armlets
  Thavnairian Babouches
  Thavnairian Bolero
  Thavnairian Bustier
  Thavnairian Gloves
  Thavnairian Headdress
  Thavnairian Sandals
  Thavnairian Sarouel
  Thavnairian Tights
  Tiny Bulb
  Ugly Duckling
  Ul'dahn Sparkler
  Wind Silk Bottoms
  Wind Silk Coatee
  Wind-up Tonberry

Notes Edit Bronze-trimmed Sack's Notes
To use talk to the Expedition Bishop NPC, located at South Shroud (x:25, y:20), with a Bronze-trimmed Sack in your possession. He will decipher the sack and reveal your item.
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