Camp Bloodshore

This article has been "archived." The subject of this page was part of the original release of Final Fantasy XIV (1.0-1.23b), and most likely is not part of the current game anymore. If this is an NPC page, then the NAME of this NPC has most likely been re-used by Square Enix and given to a completely different character that has no affiliation with the original.
This location was part of a previous release of Final Fantasy XIV. It has since been removed.


Aetherytemapicon.png Camp Bloodshore
Aetheryte Camp
Zone: Eastern La Noscea (36,20)
Area Level:
Area Grade:
Aethereal Gates:
  Cassiopeia Hollow Aetheryte (5,7) 
Tiger Helm Island (25,41) 
South Bloodshore (23,40) 
Agelyss Wise (39, 13) 
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