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Castrum Fluminis (Duty)

Trialicon.pngCastrum Fluminis (Duty)
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Castrum Fluminis.png
A Kojin relic. A hidden trove of crystals. Through these tools of ritual summoning, the restored Yotsuyu is reborn as Tsukuyomi-- divinity of night and lady of the moon. This being of celestial majesty would rule from on high, and drown the lands of Doma in eternal darkness. Will your light shield Hien and his people, or will it flicker and fail before the encroaching abyss?


One to 8 players (2 Tanks, 2 Healers, 4 DPS)
Class: Disciples of War or Magic
Level: 70
  • Role and item level restrictions are lifted for parties meeting minimum size requirements.

Tankroleicon.png Healerroleicon.png Dpsroleicon.png
2 2 4
Type: Trial
Zone: Castrum Fluminis (Zone)
Region: Yanxia (Region)
Minimum Level: 70
Synced Level: 70
Min iLvl: 335
Unlock Quest: The Primary Agreement
Duty Finder: Trials: Stormblood
Duty Roulette: Trials
Expansion: Stormblood
Patch: Patch 4.3
Background Music: Lunacy
Nightbloom (Music)
Wayward Daughter
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Icon.png


Tsukuyomi has 4 distinct phases, during which she has the following moves and mechanics:

Phase 1

Attack Name Description
Torment Unto Death Tankbuster. It comes out as a conal cleave so take care to ensure only the main tank gets hit.
Reprimand Arena-wide AoE damage.
Zashiki-asobi Tsukuyomi will summon several dancing fans which will cast Tsuki-no-Maiogi, a circular AoE around themselves that deals heavy damage and vulnerability up. She always starts with one in the center followed by a circle of them clockwise around the edge of the arena. Usually combined with Nightfall.
Nightfall This attack does nothing on its own: Instead she'll summon a spear or gun to do Steel of the Underworld or Lead of the Underworld respectively.
Steel of the Underworld Summons a spear to her hand. "Your end is near!" A large conal attack that inflicts heavy damage and vulnerability up.
Lead of the Underworld Summons a gun to her hand. "Beg for mercy!" A line stack mechanic: She'll fire a line AoE towards a random player, and the rest of the party should move to somewhere on the line to help soak the damage. One does not necessarily need to be right next to the targeted player.
Midnight Haze She'll take a puff from her pipe and summon two Midnight Haze monsters which will tether to each other and move towards the center. When they meet or if their partner is killed they will begin casting To Ashes, dealing arena-wide damage and inflicting Damage Down. Spread DoTs to both of them, then take them both down ASAP.
Nightbloom Used at 80% HP. AoE damage and triggers her transition into Phase 2.

Advice and Tips

  • An easy way to deal with Zashiki-asobi is to move to the left side (when facing from the center) of the first fan to be placed on the edge. That way you'll be in the circle that will detonate last, and when the first fan explodes you can just move into the middle.
  • Only the MT should stand in front of the boss so players aren't hit with Torment Unto Death. The MT shouldn't try to sidestep it either, as the AoE will follow them and hit their new position (and anyone in the way).

Phase 2

Tsukuyomi will transform back into Yotsuyu, become untargetable, and the Suffering gauge will appear. This will rise as enemies attack her. Players will be stunned and unable to move for ~10 seconds while this scene takes place.

Attack Name Description
First Wave Spawns a Specter of the Patriarch and the Specter of the Matriarch. These will just approach Yotsuyu and melee her, ignoring enmity. Beat them down ASAP.
Second Wave Spawns three Specter of the Empires and three Specter of the Homelands. These do not ignore enmity, so have your tank and off-tank pick these up. The gauge will still fill slowly as they're alive, so don't rest too easy just because they're ignoring Yotsuyu.
Third Wave Spawns a Specter of Asahi. Like the first wave, he'll tether to Yotsuyu and ignore enmity. He hits considerably harder than his parents.
Final Wave Spawns Specter of Zenos. He will begin the fight with Concentrativity, dealing AoE damage, knockback, stun, and afflicting players with a ~10 second Down for the Count debuff, before using Unmoving Troika on Yotsuyu. The Specter of Gosetsu will arrive to guard her after this and tank Zenos for you. You can still take a considerable amount of damage from his AoE Dispersivity, so healers be on their toes. Once Zenos is down, Gosetsu will leave, and she will use Nightbloom.
Nightbloom After the Final Wave is downed, Yotsuyu will use Nightbloom again, dealing damage based on how full the Suffering gauge is. Signals transition to Phase 3. If the Suffering gauge hits 100% before the adds are killed, she will use Nightbloom for 500k damage and wipe the raid. As a "fun" note, if this happens while Gosetsu is fighting Zenos, he will be struck down before the attack is used.

Advice and Tips

  • Tanks need to be quick to pick up the Second Wave adds so that Yotsuyu isn't taking extra damage. Stack them together and burn them down.
  • Healers be aware of the multiple AoE's going out during the Final Wave so players don't die.

Phase 3

Tsukuyomi retains all her moves from Phase 1, along with a few new ones:

Attack Name Description
Selenomancy The floor will be split in half, with the West half of the arena turning white (light) and the East half of the arena turning black (shadow). Standing in the light will inflict Moonlit while standing in the shadow inflicts Moonshadowed. Standing on the other side while having the opposite debuff will remove that debuff and all its stacks while replacing it with the other debuff. Will use either Lunar Halo or Midnight Haze during this.
Moonlit & Moonshadowed These debuffs can stack up to 5 from standing in their respective side, with the moon icon of the debuff more obviously waxing or waning the more stacks you get. Players must move between each side of the floor to prevent their stacks from building to 5 as letting either hit 5 stacks will inflict Doom and Bleeding. Switching to the other color after receiving 5 stacks will remove the Doom debuff but the heavy damage and the bleed will likely kill you anyway.
Lunar Halo Two untargetable Moonlight adds will appear during Selenomancy and do a donut AoE around them for moderate damage. The bigger threat is that their AoE may scare you into staying in one portion of the field for too long. As a fun note, their spawn location makes the arena resemble a yin-yang symbol.
Antitwilight & Perilune One of two moves that end Selenomancy. Deals raid-wide damage. There is no difference between the two in this version of the fight.
Dance of the Dead Used at 50%. Resembles Nightbloom, but rather than become Yotsuyu again she will slice it and the raid apart, then enter Phase 4.

Advice and Tips

  • Keep an eye on your Moonlit & Moonshadowed debuff during Selenomancy. It's best to move to the other side when you have 3 stacks, so you have time to avoid other AoEs if they appear. Don't let the mechanics happening during this phase scare you into staying on one side for too long!

Phase 4

Much like Phase 3, but with a few new moves. Of note, she will spam Zashiki-asobi quite often in this phase, and all of these moves may be used alongside it.

Attack Name Description
Lunacy Obvious stack mechanic that hits multiple times in a row.
Dark Blade An attack to her right covering a little over half the arena.
Bright Blade An attack to her left covering a little over half the arena.

Advice and Tips

  • Take care if she targets someone with Lunacy who refuses to stack, as it will target a random player for the subsequent hits after the first kills her original victim.
  • The hardest part of the phase is managing Dark Blade and Bright Blade on top of Zashiki-asobi.
(Fixed Rate Drop)
Tsukuyomi Card Icon.png
(Blue Mage Spell Acquisition)
Nightbloom Icon.png

Drop Table (1)
Item Type iLvl Requirements Stats
 Tsukuyomi Card Icon.png  
Tsukuyomi Card
Gold chest icon.png
 Triple Triad Card  &00000000000000010000001&00000000000000010000001
Req. Level 1
An epic (★★★★) card used in the game Triple Triad.

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