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Castrum Marinum (Trial)

Trialicon.pngCastrum Marinum (Trial)
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Castrum Marinum (Trial).png
The liberation of Terncliff has led to the discovery of vital information regarding the Weapon project. A warmachina code-named “Emerald” is believed to have escaped by sea to an imperial installation, so you and Gaius make your way to Castrum Marinum, one of two likely locations. Retrieved data suggests that your foe is armed with floating manipulators, though how exactly these will be employed in battle remains to be seen.


One to 8 players (2 Tanks, 2 Healers, 4 DPS)
Class: Disciples of War or Magic
Level: 80
  • Role and item level restrictions are lifted for parties meeting minimum size requirements.

Tankroleicon.png Healerroleicon.png Dpsroleicon.png
2 2 4
Type: Trial
Zone: Castrum Marinum Drydocks
Region: Thanalan
Minimum Level: 80
Synced Level: 80
Min iLvl: 485
Unlock Quest: Blood of Emerald
Duty Finder: Trials (Shadowbringers)
Duty Roulette: Trials
Expansion: Shadowbringers
Patch: Patch 5.4
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Icon.png

Emerald Weapon
Emerald Weapon has 2 distinct phases, during which it uses the following moves and mechanics:

Phase 1

Attack Name Description
Emerald Shot Tankbuster.
Emerald Beam The boss spawns 2 conal AoEs from his front and back, along with either a yellow clockwise spinner or a blue counterclockwise spinner. Towards the end of the cast, a series of ring AoEs will also spawn, starting from the center moving outwards while the boss spins with the conal AoEs. Stand nearest the side of the conal AoEs where the arrows are pointing to keep just behind the spinning conal AoE while moving out and back in to avoid the rings. The ring AoEs repeat twice, and the boss does a full 360°. The arena gets smaller after completion. Being hit by any of the AoEs grants a Vulnerability stack.
Magitek Magnetism Spawns mines around the platform with large AoEs. Some of the mines will be marked with either a + or - symbol, and be linked with a similar mine. Mines that have the same symbol will be repelled from each other, while mines with the opposite symbol will be attracted to each other.
Optimized Ultima Deals moderate raid-wide damage.
Split Separates the top and bottom half of the boss, which does a specific set of mechanics depending on what is left behind.
  • Top: uses Sidescathe, Emerald Crusher, Aetherplasm Orbs.
Sidescathe Targets one half of the platform with a massive AoE, also indicated by the glowing lights on the "wing".
Emerald Crusher A blue knockback AoE appears along the edge of the arena. After a short time, the bottom half of the boss lands there, knocking players back about half of the arena. Knockback immunity can prevent this. Standing in the AoE will kill you instantly.
Emerald Hands When the boss spawns numerous hands, it will follow up with a donut AoE. Players need to stand inside the hitbox to avoid.
Divide Et Impera Heavy hitting tankbuster.
Pulse Laser Targets 3 random players with line AoEs.
Aetheroplasm Orbs Spawns a series of Emerald Hands around half of the arena that shoot out orbs. Touching an orb causes it to explode in a much larger AoE and apply a Vulnerability stack to anyone caught in it. Stand on the safe side and move towards the hands as the orbs pass through the middle of the boss to avoid most easily.

Advice and Tips

  • The boss only uses Emerald Shot once, and Emerald Beam twice.
  • After the first Emerald Beam, it's possible to fall off and die.
  • Once the boss "dies", the second phase will begin.

Phase 2

The boss uses Optimized Ultima & Divide Et Impera (with some modifications) from Phase 1.

Attack Name Description
Wall Touching the wall will instantly kill you.
Divide Et Impera Heavy hitting tankbuster and marks 6 other players with baited conal AoEs.
Primus Terminus Est Marks 3 players with line AoEs and an arrow under their feet, pointing to a cardinal direction. This indicates the way they will be pushed at the end of the cast. At the same time, multiple AoE's will appear in a line along the side those players will be knocked to, which deal heavy damage and apply a Vulnerability stack if hit by them. Players want to line up on the wall their arrow is pointing away from to prevent being flung into the far wall, as it will push you about ~90% of the arena, with their arrows pointing between the AoEs. Unmarked players want to avoid standing in the path of the arrows, as they will be caught up in the knockback. Avoid stacking them for the same reason.
Secundus Terminus Est Marks some players with either a + or an x marker; at the end of the cast, these will drop massive + and x AoEs on the ground. Take the + markers to a corner and the x markers to a cardinal to ensure the center is left safe.
Tertius Terminus Est Spawns 3 sets of pre-placed + & x markers. Stand where the third one dropped and prepare to move into the safe spot left by the first one exploding.
Legio Phantasmatis Spawns the Black Wolf's Image. Uses Rank and File. Damage dealt to the Image is also applied to the Emerald Weapon itself
Rank and File Spawns multiple golden soliders. They will form up in 3 lines along the North wall and use an ability in order of spawn. There is a gap left in each line of soldiers, indicating the safe space to stand to avoid being hit. Being hit by an AoE grants a Vulnerability stack and deals heavy damage.

Advice and Tips

(Fixed Rate Drop)
Emerald Weapon Card Icon.png

Drop Table (1)
Item Type iLvl Requirements Stats
 Emerald Weapon Card Icon.png  
Emerald Weapon Card
Gold chest icon.png
 Triple Triad Card  &00000000000000010000001&00000000000000010000001
Req. Level 1
An epic (★★★★) card used in the game Triple Triad.

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