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Adventuring Basics ⇒ Mannequins

 Mannequins are a unique type of furnishing that can be used to not only display gear, but also sell it.

When placed in an apartment or estate, you will be asked to assign a retainer to manage any gear used for display or to be sold. It is worth noting that no taxes will be collected on gear sold from mannequins.

 Gear displayed on a mannequin can be sold separately or as a set. When sold as a set, it must be purchased directly from the mannequin.

It is still possible, however, to view sets of gear on the market board using advanced search options. You can then send a message directly to the seller.

 Gear sold via mannequins will also be marked with one of two unique icons when viewed on the market board to indicate they are sold separately or as a set.

Use your mannequin's ensembles to draw the eyes of fashion-forward adventurers and customers alike.

Adventuring Basics ⇒ Moogle Delivery Service

 The moogle delivery service can be accessed by speaking with one of the many delivery moogles stationed throughout Eorzea, or by clicking on a moogle letter box. The service can be used to send messages, items, and gil to anyone on your friend list.
 Clicking the New button located in the upper right-hand corner of the moogle delivery service window will open the Letter Editor. In addition to composing your message, this interface can be used to specify a recipient, as well as attach gil and items.

Battle ⇒ Fighting with Your Chocobo

 In addition to riding him, you can also summon your chocobo to fight alongside you. To do so, you will first require a bunch of gysahl greens. This chocobo favorite can be purchased in stores.
 To summon your chocobo, simply Use the greens. As a rule, chocobos can only fight in the same places in which they can be ridden, so don't expect your faithful steed to follow you into the depths of dungeons like the Tam–Tara Deepcroft or Copperbell Mines.

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