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A line of quests spanning the Heavensward expansion, through which players can obtain increasing more powerful job specific weapons, up to a maximum of iLevel 275.
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A young researcher hailing from the Near East has come to Eorzea in search of aid. His field of study? Anima, an essence he considers to be a reflection of the soul. Through a chance encounter with the master craftsman Gerolt, he and the legendary blacksmith have joined forces to create a weapon the likes of which the realm has never seen.


Unlock the Anima Weapon System[edit]

This quest only needs to be completed once and the system will be unlocked permanently.

Phase 1: Base Weapon[edit]

Step 1: Soul without Life (FATEs) (iLevel 170)[edit]

This quest is repeatable; it can be active for one job at any given time, but must be repeated for each.

  • Visit Revenant's Toll, speaking to Rowena and Syndony.
  • Acquire 1 Luminous Crystal of each element by completing FATEs in specific areas (and returning them to Syndony).
This step may be skipped by trading Syndony a Zodiac Weapon Zeta for one of each nodule.
WARNING: The weapon will be permanently lost, but you can continue to obtain replicas from Drake IF you have completed The Vital Title.
Astral Nodule Icon.png
Astral Nodule
Luminous Fire Crystal Icon.png x1
Azys Lla
Luminous Wind Crystal Icon.png x1
Sea of Clouds
Luminous Lightning Crystal Icon.png x1
Churning Mists
Umbral Nodule Icon.png
Umbral Nodule
Luminous Ice Crystal Icon.png x1
Coerthas Western Highlands
Luminous Earth Crystal Icon.png x1
Dravanian Forelands
Luminous Water Crystal Icon.png x1
Dravanian Hinterlands
  • Return to Ardashir in Azys Lla and trade the nodules to complete the quest and receive an iLV170 Animated weapon.

Step 2: Toughening Up (Dungeons) (iLevel 200)[edit]

This quest must be progressed on the same job on which it is accepted.

  • Accept the quest from Ardashir.
  • Complete 10 Dungeons in a specific order on the quest-accepted job. You only need to have the Animated weapon equipped when you leave the duty; you can do the entire dungeon with your normal weapon, just make sure to swap over before leaving the duty after completion!
  • You can complete the A Realm Reborn duties in an unsync'd party!
  • Speak with Ardashir in southern Thanalan.
  • Speak with Ardashir in the South Shroud.
  • Speak with Ardashir in Azys Lla to complete the quest and receive an iLV200 Awoken weapon.

Step 3: Coming into Its Own (Grind) (iLevel 210)[edit]

The ultimate goal for this (long) step is to acquire four items from Cristiana, requiring a bit of a trading game.

Each of the four items will require:
  • 10 of an "Unidentifiable" token (obtained in various ways; see below)
  • 4 of a given crafted item (LV60★); See Pages for Recipes
    • Each crafted item is also available for purchase from your Grand Company Quartermaster for 5,000 seals each.

Item x 10 x 4
Enchanted Rubber Unidentifiable Bone Adamantite Francesca
Fast-drying Carboncoat Unidentifiable Shell Titanium Alloy Mirror
Divine Water Unidentifiable Ore Dispelling Arrow
Fast-acting Allagan Catalyst Unidentifiable Seeds Kingcake

Acquiring "Unidentifiable" Items (aka The Trading Game)[edit]

Hover over icons for more information.

150 Tomestones:
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Icon.png
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Icon.png
Beast Tribe Vendor
3 Tokens Each; 1 Per LV48 Quest
Vanu Vanu Vendor
6 Tokens Each; 1 Per Quest
Vath Vendor
6 Tokens Each; 1 Per Quest
Moogle Vendor
18 Tokens Each; 1-3 Per Quest
(varies based on reputation level)
3 Alexander Tokens
1 Given Per Clear; Traded to Sabina in Idyllshire
Allied Seal Icon.png
x 300
Timeworn Archaeoskin Map Icon.png
Treasure Hunt
Timeworn Archaeoskin Map Icon.png
Treasure Hunt
Allied Seal Icon.png
x 300

Phase Two: Hyperconductive[edit]

Finding Your Voice (iLevel 230)[edit]

  • Return to Azys Lla and provide Gerolt the five oils to receive the Hyperconductive Anima weapon.

Phase Three: Anima Weapon Reconditioned[edit]

A Dream Fulfilled (iLevel 240)[edit]

Gather Umbrite and Crystal Sand and raise stats by visiting Ulan.

You will need a maximum of 80 Umbrite and 80 Crystal Sand (see note).

Umbrite Icon.png
Hismena Allagan Tomestone of Poetics x 75 Various
Crystal Sand Icon.png
Crystal Sand x 2
Rowena's Token (Blue Crafters' Scrip) x 5 Crafting
Rowena's Token (Blue Gatherers' Scrip) x 5 Gathering
Garlond Steel + Celestine + High Allagan Chimera Leather Crafting with airship materials
Amber-encased Vilekin Heavensward Levequests
Fire Materia IV + Wind Materia IV + Lightning Materia IV Conversion
Ice Materia IV + Earth Materia IV + Water Materia IV Conversion
Battlecraft Demimateria I x 3 + Battlecraft Demimateria II x 2 + Fieldcraft Demimateria I x 3 + Fieldcraft Demimateria II x 2 Desynthesis
Moonstone x 5 Grand Company Seals
Inferno Horn + Crag Heart + Diamond Tear Extreme Primals
Vortex Feather + Barb of the Whorl + Large Levin Orb Extreme Primals
Superior Enchanted Ink x 5 + Thavnairian Mist x 5 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics
Mhachi Farthing x 2 + Allagan Catalyst x 5 The Void Ark + Labyrinth of the Ancients, Syrcus Tower
Unidentifiable Bone x 1 + Unidentifiable Shell x 1 + Unidentifiable Ore x 1 + Unidentifiable Seeds x 1 Various

NOTE: For this third phase of upgrading your Anima, it could happen that you'll get a "bonus". This means that you get twice the points for only handing in the items for 1 upgrade. Because of this, it is recommended getting 70 of each item (Umbrite and Crystal Sand) and then proceeding to upgrade your Anima till you are out of materials. Finally buy / trade the remaining needed materials.

Phase Four: Anima Weapon Sharpened[edit]

Future Proof (iLevel 260)[edit]

Phase Five: Final Anima Weapon[edit]

Born Again Anima (iLevel 270)[edit]

  • Complete three dungeons
  • Obtain a Newborn Soulstone
  • Complete various activities in order to obtain 2000 units of "Aetheric condensation" on your relic weapon.
    • Upon completion of Heavensward FATEs and duties of all types, as well as A Realm Reborn lv 50 dungeons (excluding MSQ dungeons) you will obtain various amounts of condensation. The amount acquired will be indicated by messages in your chat log.
    • NOTE: The Anima weapon must be equipped during these events (FATEs, duties, etc) in order to receive any light. Unequipped weapons will not accrue light, and will not make progress.
    • Each 200 units of condensation will complete a "rune" and after completing 10 runes (i.e. getting 2000 units total) you can continue with the Born Again Anima quest.
Heavensward FATEs
The Limitless Blue (Hard)
Alexander Creator (9-12) Normal raids
Heavensward dungeons, ARR lv 50 dungeons (exluding MSQ dungeons)
Heavensward Alliance raids (The Void Ark, The Weeping City of Mhach & Dun Scaith)
Alexander Creator (9-12) Savage raids
Possible bonus from Alexander Creator (9-12) Savage raids
Nigh Unyielding
Upon completion

Phase Six: Final Anima Weapon 2.0[edit]

Body and Soul[edit]

Words of Wisdom[edit]

Best Friends Forever (iLevel 275)[edit]

Quest List[edit]

Name Rewards Patch
&0000000000000001000000160An Unexpected ProposalSidequest1 Icon.pngAn Unexpected Proposal (Level &000000000000006000000060)

Rowena - Idyllshire - Rowena's Center for Cultural Promotion (x:5.7, y:5.6)

Gil Icon.png1,071
&00000000000000031499993.15&00000000000000010000001&000000000000006000000060An Unexpected Proposal
&0000000000000002000000260Soul without LifeSidequest2 Icon.pngSoul without Life (Level &000000000000006000000060)

Ardashir - Azys Lla - Alpha Quadrant - Helix (x:7.5, y:11.6)

Gil Icon.png1,447
Guaranteed Items
Animated Hauteclaire
Animated Prytwen
Animated Atlas
Animated Elements
Animated Almandal
Animated Lunaris Rod
Animated Seraph Cane
Animated Ferdinand
Animated Deathbringer
Animated Yukimitsu
Animated Berimbau
Animated Brionac
Animated Parashu
Animated Rising Suns
&00000000000000031499993.15&00000000000000020000002&000000000000006000000060Soul without Life
&0000000000000003000000360Toughening UpSidequest1 Icon.pngToughening Up (Level &000000000000006000000060)

Ardashir - Azys Lla - Alpha Quadrant - Helix (x:7.5, y:11.6)

Gil Icon.png848
Guaranteed Items
Hauteclaire Awoken
Prytwen Awoken
Atlas Awoken
Elements Awoken
Almandal Awoken
Lunaris Rod Awoken
Seraph Cane Awoken
Ferdinand Awoken
Deathbringer Awoken
Yukimitsu Awoken
Berimbau Awoken
Brionac Awoken
Parashu Awoken
Rising Suns Awoken
&00000000000000031499993.15&00000000000000030000003&000000000000006000000060Toughening Up
&0000000000000004000000460Coming into Its OwnSidequest1 Icon.pngComing into Its Own (Level &000000000000006000000060)

Ardashir - Azys Lla - Alpha Quadrant - Helix (x:7.5, y:11.6)

Gil Icon.png1,512
Guaranteed Items
&00000000000000031499993.15&00000000000000040000004&000000000000006000000060Coming into Its Own
&0000000000000004000000460Finding Your VoiceSidequest1 Icon.pngFinding Your Voice (Level &000000000000006000000060)

Ardashir - Azys Lla - Alpha Quadrant - Helix (x:7.5, y:11.6)

Gil Icon.png518
Guaranteed Items
Hyperconductive Almace
Hyperconductive Verethragna
Hyperconductive Ukonvasara
Hyperconductive Rhongomiant
Hyperconductive Gandiva
Hyperconductive Kannagi
Hyperconductive Nothung
Hyperconductive Armageddon
Hyperconductive Majestas
Hyperconductive Hvergelmir
Hyperconductive Draconomicon
Hyperconductive Tetrabiblos
Hyperconductive Deneb
Hyperconductive Ancile
&00000000000000032500003.25&00000000000000040000004&000000000000006000000060Finding Your Voice
&0000000000000005000000560A Dream FulfilledSidequest1 Icon.pngA Dream Fulfilled (Level &000000000000006000000060)

Ardashir - Azys Lla - Alpha Quadrant - Helix (x:7.5, y:11.6)

Gil Icon.png488
Guaranteed Items
Axe of the Blood Emperor
Book of the Mad Queen
Bow of the Autarch
Cane of the White Tsar
Flame of the Dynast
Guillotine of the Tyrant
Rod of the Black Khan
Shield of the Twin Thegns
Sphere of the Last Heir
Spurs of the Thorn Prince
Sultan's Fists
Sword of the Twin Thegns
Trident of the Overlord
Word of the Magnate
&00000000000000032999993.3&00000000000000050000005&000000000000006000000060A Dream Fulfilled
&0000000000000005000000560Recondition the AnimaSidequest1 Icon.pngRecondition the Anima (Level &000000000000006000000060)

Ulan - Idyllshire - Rowena's Center for Cultural Promotion (x:6.4, y:4.7)

&00000000000000032999993.3&00000000000000050000005&000000000000006000000060Recondition the Anima
&0000000000000006000000660Cut from a Different ClothSidequest2 Icon.pngCut from a Different Cloth (Level &000000000000006000000060)

Angelet - Idyllshire - Idyllshire Aetheryte Plaza (x:8, y:5.9)

Guaranteed Items
Singing Cluster
&00000000000000034500003.45&00000000000000060000006&000000000000006000000060Cut from a Different Cloth
&0000000000000006000000660Future ProofSidequest1 Icon.pngFuture Proof (Level &000000000000006000000060)

Ardashir - Azys Lla - Alpha Quadrant - Helix (x:7.5, y:11.6)

Gil Icon.png1,689
Guaranteed Items
Sharpened Axe of the Blood Emperor
Sharpened Book of the Mad Queen
Sharpened Bow of the Autarch
Sharpened Cane of the White Tsar
Sharpened Flame of the Dynast
Sharpened Guillotine of the Tyrant
Sharpened Rod of the Black Khan
Sharpened Shield of the Twin Thegns
Sharpened Sphere of the Last Heir
Sharpened Spurs of the Thorn Prince
Sharpened Sultan's Fists
Sharpened Sword of the Twin Thegns
Sharpened Trident of the Overlord
Sharpened Word of the Magnate
&00000000000000034500003.45&00000000000000060000006&000000000000006000000060Future Proof
&0000000000000006000000660Seeking InspirationSidequest2 Icon.pngSeeking Inspiration (Level &000000000000006000000060)

Amphelice - Idyllshire - Idyllshire Aetheryte Plaza (x:8, y:5.9)

Guaranteed Items
Singing Cluster
Singing Cluster
Singing Cluster
&00000000000000034500003.45&00000000000000060000006&000000000000006000000060Seeking Inspiration
&0000000000000007000000760Born Again AnimaSidequest1 Icon.pngBorn Again Anima (Level &000000000000006000000060)

Ardashir - Azys Lla - Alpha Quadrant - Helix (x:7.5, y:11.6)

Gil Icon.png615
Guaranteed Items
&00000000000000035000003.5&00000000000000070000007&000000000000006000000060Born Again Anima
&0000000000000007000000760Some Assembly RequiredSidequest1 Icon.pngSome Assembly Required (Level &000000000000006000000060)

Processing Node - Azys Lla - Alpha Quadrant - Helix (x:7, y:11.4)

Guaranteed Items
Newborn Soulstone
&00000000000000035000003.5&00000000000000070000007&000000000000006000000060Some Assembly Required
&0000000000000008000000860Body and SoulSidequest1 Icon.pngBody and Soul (Level &000000000000006000000060)

Automaton - Azys Lla - Alpha Quadrant - Helix (x:7.5, y:11.6)

Gil Icon.png1,559
Guaranteed Items
&00000000000000035000003.5&00000000000000080000008&000000000000006000000060Body and Soul
&0000000000000009000000960Words of WisdomSidequest1 Icon.pngWords of Wisdom (Level &000000000000006000000060)

Ardashir - Azys Lla - Alpha Quadrant - Helix (x:7.5, y:11.6)

Gil Icon.png1,526
&Expression error: Unrecognized word "a".3.55a&00000000000000090000009&000000000000006000000060Words of Wisdom
&00000000000000100000001060Best Friends ForeverSidequest1 Icon.pngBest Friends Forever (Level &000000000000006000000060)

Ardashir - Azys Lla - Alpha Quadrant - Helix (x:7.5, y:11.6)

Guaranteed Items
Minos Lux
Mimesis Lux
Terpander Lux
Sindri Lux
Deathlocke Lux
Cronus Lux
Kaladanda Lux
Aettir Lux
Priwen Lux
Canopus Lux
Sandungs Lux
Nyepels Lux
Areadbhar Lux
Anabasis Lux
&Expression error: Unrecognized word "a".3.55a&000000000000001000000010&000000000000006000000060Best Friends Forever

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