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There are 2 Heavensward Main Scenario Quest quests in this location.

Name Level Starter Type
Worse than Dragons &000000000000005200000052 Marcechamp Heavensward Main Scenario Quest
A Great New Nation &000000000000005800000058 Y'shtola Heavensward Main Scenario Quest

There are 4 Job Quest quests in this location.

Name Level Starter Type
When Gnaths Cry &000000000000005600000056 Sanson Job Quest
A Saint of Song &000000000000005800000058 Sanson Job Quest
In the Wake of Death &000000000000005800000058 Eschiva Job Quest
The Orphans and the Broken Blade &000000000000006500000065 Sidurgu Job Quest

There are 26 Sidequest quests in this location.

Name Level Starter Type
A Budding Partnership &000000000000005200000052 Loupard Sidequest
Persistence Makes Perfect &000000000000005200000052 Q'yantaa Sidequest
What Remaclon Saw &000000000000005200000052 Remaclon Sidequest
Wet Strings Attached &000000000000005200000052 Harrowed Hunter Sidequest
Uninvited Guests &000000000000005200000052 Tailfeather Hunter Sidequest
The Man Who Slew Too Much &000000000000005200000052 Loupard Sidequest
Something's Bugging the Chocobos &000000000000005200000052 Leonulfe Sidequest
Some Bad News &000000000000005200000052 Marcechamp Sidequest
Sights of the North &000000000000005200000052 Kester Ironheart Sidequest
Saving the Bait &000000000000005200000052 Aimebert Sidequest
Why Does the Caged Bird Sing &000000000000005200000052 Guenaret Sidequest
Needs More Salt &000000000000005200000052 Marcechamp Sidequest
I Wanna Be the Hunter &000000000000005200000052 Loupard Sidequest
First Impressions (Heavensward) &000000000000005200000052 Loupard Sidequest
Clever Chicks &000000000000005200000052 Virgeaume Sidequest
A Trap to Yawn For &000000000000005200000052 Virgeaume Sidequest
A Natural Instinct &000000000000005200000052 Loupard Sidequest
The Hunter Becomes the Kweh &000000000000005300000053 Marcechamp Sidequest
Chocobo's Last Stand &000000000000005300000053 Marcechamp Sidequest
A Hunter's True Nature &000000000000005700000057 Hervoix Sidequest
Getting a Legtrap Up &000000000000005700000057 Hervoix Sidequest
Garbage Duty &000000000000005700000057 Hervoix Sidequest
Smarter than the Average Beast &000000000000005700000057 Marcechamp Sidequest
Smells Like Team Spirit &000000000000005700000057 O'bhen Tia Sidequest
A Step in the Right Direction &000000000000005700000057 Hervoix Sidequest
Pest Control &000000000000005700000057 Hervoix Sidequest

There are 1 Side Story Quest quests in this location.

Name Level Starter Type
The Legacies We Leave &000000000000006000000060 Marcechamp Side Story Quest