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Chimera Icon.pngChimera
Higher Taxonomy Ranks
Lower Taxonomy Ranks


Common Drops

(&000000000000001900000019) Cracked Stellacluster Icon.png Cracked Stellacluster
(&000000000000001900000019) Cracked Planicluster Icon.png Cracked Planicluster
(&00000000000000030000003) The Ram's Voice Icon.png The Ram's Voice
(&00000000000000030000003) The Dragon's Voice Icon.png The Dragon's Voice
(&00000000000000010000001) Chimera Mane Icon.png Chimera Mane

Simply stated, chimeras are creatures created by combining the flesh from two or more different beings. The process is highly complex, and was only perfected in the waning years of the Allagan Empire—the culmination of nearly an entire era's biological research. Despite recent findings which have shed more light on the process, replication of chimera-manufacturing techniques remains an impossibility within the scope of modern science.