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Common Drops

(&0000000000000135000000135) Gil Icon.png Gil
(&000000000000001900000019) Cracked Stellacluster Icon.png Cracked Stellacluster
(&000000000000001900000019) Cracked Planicluster Icon.png Cracked Planicluster
(&00000000000000070000007) Morbol Vine Icon.png Morbol Vine
(&00000000000000070000007) Forgotten Fragment of Compassion Icon.png Forgotten Fragment of Compassion

To be classified as seedkin, flora must exhibit the capacity for controlled mobility with the purpose of hunting, defense, or reproduction. Said reproduction is most commonly carried out with seeds or spores, those seeds requiring a medium or host within which to grow until mobility (most commonly seen in a seedkin’s developed root systems) is achieved. [1]

Their similarity in appearance to conventional plants can prevent travelers and botanists from properly identifying possible threats while afield. Careful review of this publication is strongly recommended to those considering an extended foray into the wilderness, be it lush or barren. [2]


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