Beastiary Icon2.pngVoidsent
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     Arch Demon
     Aspect of Chaos
     Cloud of Darkness
     Disembodied Head
     Dullahan Horseman
     Evil Dreamer
     Void Monk

Common Drops

(&0000000000000135000000135) Gil Icon.png Gil
(&000000000000001900000019) Cracked Stellacluster Icon.png Cracked Stellacluster
(&000000000000001900000019) Cracked Planicluster Icon.png Cracked Planicluster
(&000000000000001100000011) Imp Wing Icon.png Imp Wing
(&00000000000000070000007) Ogre Horn Icon.png Ogre Horn

Eorzeans deem any creature thought too unnatural to be of this world voidsent, the common belief being that they were sent by some sinister force from beyond the corporeal realm.[1] Scholars believe there are three ways in which voidsent can make the journey from their realm to ours – tearing a hole in the aether on their side, having a hole torn for them on our side, or stumbling into a randomly occurring hole.[2] While Eorzeans are correct about the existence of voidsent, their application of the label is not always accurate.[3].


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