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In FINAL FANTASY XIV, characters can take on a number of different professions, or classes. Changing classes is as simple as switching the weapon or tool equipped in the character's main hand. Some classes have associated jobs as well, which confer additional skills and abilities. Players can switch to these jobs once they have met certain prerequisites.

Changing Classes

Changing classes is as simple as changing the equipment you are carrying.

  • It is not possible to change classes in the middle of event scenes, when under attack by a foe, or while in active mode.

1. Select Gear from the main menu The main menu can be opened with the Home key or the main menu button on the gamepad. Use the ↑ and ↓ keys (or the directional buttons on the gamepad) to highlight the Gear option, and then press Enter (or the Confirm button on a gamepad).

2. Select the main hand gear slot Use the ↑ and ↓ keys to position the cursor over on the area indicated in the screenshot, and press Enter.

3. Select primary arms or primary tools From the gear list on the right side of the screen, use the ↑ and ↓ keys to select a weapon or tool corresponding to the class you wish to become and press Enter.

List of Disciplines and Classes

Classes are divided into four disciplines, each boasting its own unique characteristics and abilities. In order to become a certain class, you must equip a weapon or tool corresponding to it.

Disciples of War: Bearing weapons of war, they are ready for battle.

Class Weapon Required Details
Gladiator Icon 4.png
Gladiator's Arms A master of sword and shield, the gladiator is a melee specialist who excels in defense. Though his individual blows do not deal great damage, he is able to deliver them in quick succession, a quality that has earned him a reputation for dependability.
Pugilist Icon 4.png
Pugilist's Arms A master of hand-to-hand combat, pugilists harbor the power of the elements within their fists. Making use of MP to imbue his already punishing strikes with the power of fire and earth, the pugilist is a reliable damage-dealer against most any kind of foe.
Marauder Icon 4.png
Marauder's Arms Marauders are fearsome frontline combatants whose arsenal of actions enables them to strengthen their offensive and defensive prowess, whichever the situation demands. Charging into battle with a massive axe, the marauder quickly draws the attention of enemies, and turns their attacks against them.
Lancer Icon 4.png
Lancer's Arms The lancer is a class that specializes in wielding a variety of long-hafted spears and polearms. They possess a wide range of weaponskill combinations, but have low HP in comparison to other melee classes, and no abilities enabling them to bolster their defense.
Archer Icon 4.png
Archer's Arms Archers are gifted at concealing themselves to avoid detection and deftly attacking their enemies at range. They are also capable of enhancing the abilities and strengths of their allies, making them a valuable addition to any party.
Rogue Icon 4.png
Rogue's Arms These agile fighters pride themselves on their skills with knives and daggers to make quick work of enemies.

Disciples of Magic: Weavers of spells who energize, enhance, enfeeble, and enervate.

Class Arms Required Details
Conjurer Icon 4.png
Conjurer's Arms & Two-Handed Conjurer's Arms Conjurers are a casting class known for their specialization in healing and defense-enhancing magic. They also possess some skill with elemental magic, granting them a degree of offensive ability, and can put single targets to sleep, providing a valuable source of control.
Thaumaturge Icon 4.png
Thaumaturge's Arms & Two-Handed Thaumaturge's Arms Thaumaturges are casters who command spells of multiple elements to wreak havoc on their enemies. Their unparalleled devotion to the realm of magic endows them with the largest MP and smallest HP pools among all the classes. Though known for their inherently weak defenses, thaumaturges are feared for the destructive forces they wield.
Arcanist Icon 4.png
Arcanist's Arms Arcanists are casters who weild many poisons. They also command a pet to aid them in battle. They posses a few healing and support skills to aid them and their pet. Their main advantage is the amount of damage they can deal over time.

Disciples of the Hand: Artisans who fabricate tools and gear.

Class Tools Required Details
Carpenter Icon 4.png
Carpenter's Primary Tools Crafters who work with wood to fashion a range of weapons and armor.
Blacksmith Icon 4.png
Carpenter's Primary Tools Crafters who work with metal to forge a variety of weapons and tools.
Armorer Icon 4.png
Carpenter's Primary Tools Crafters who beat metal into tools and protective gear.
Goldsmith Icon 4.png
Carpenter's Primary Tools Crafters who work with precious metals and gemstones to fashion accessories and other adornments.
Leatherworker Icon 4.png
Carpenter's Primary Tools Crafters who work with animal hide to create armor and other leather goods.
Weaver Icon 4.png
Weaver's Primary Tools Crafters who weave cloth and textiles into garments.
Alchemist Icon 4.png
Alchemist's Primary Tools Crafters who work with myriad materials to fabricate crystals, medicine, and other useful adventuring supplies.
Culinarian Icon 4.png
Culinarian's Primary Tools Masters of cuisine who can conjure up magnificent banquets out of the humblest ingredients.

Disciples of the Land: Industrious types who ever seek the bounty of nature.

Class Tools Required Details
Miner Icon 4.png
Miner's Primary Tools Gatherers who mine the earth for minerals.
Botanist Icon 4.png
Botanist's Primary Tools Gatherers who harvest plants and timber from forest and vale.
Fisher Icon 4.png
Fisher's Primary Tools Gatherers who fish the rivers, streams, sand dunes, and even the clouds.