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Category:Commendation Achievement

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Name Achievement Reward Points
Everybody's Darling Receive 500 player commendations. Gilded Armor Identification Key Icon.png Gilded Armor Identification Key &00000000000000000000000Everybody's Darling
Leaving a Better Impression I Receive 1,500 player commendations. The Best Gown Ever Icon.png The Best Gown Ever &00000000000000000000000Leaving a Better Impression I
Leaving a Better Impression II Receive 3,000 player commendations. Parade Chocobo Whistle Icon.png Parade Chocobo Whistle &00000000000000000000000Leaving a Better Impression II
Leaving a Good Impression I Receive 10 player commendations. Titleicon.png the Heart of the Party &00000000000000000000000Leaving a Good Impression I
Leaving a Good Impression II Receive 50 player commendations. Princely Hatchling Icon.png Princely Hatchling &00000000000000000000000Leaving a Good Impression II
Leaving a Good Impression III Receive 100 player commendations. Partisan's Crown Icon.png Partisan's Crown &00000000000000000000000Leaving a Good Impression III
Leaving a Good Impression IV Receive 300 player commendations. Sovereign Barding Icon.png Sovereign Barding &00000000000000000000000Leaving a Good Impression IV