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A storyline revolving around the return of Doman refugees and the reconstruction of Doma.
Name Lvl NPC Rewards Patch
Precious Reclamation &000000000000007000000070&00000000000000010000001&00000000000000042000004.2Precious Reclamation Kozakura - Doman Enclave - Shazenkai  (5.5-5.5)
Optional Items
Crimson Cider
Sauteed Green Leeks
Allagan Silver Piece
Allagan Silver Piece
&00000000000000042000004.2&00000000000000010000001&000000000000007000000070Precious Reclamation
A Thousand and One Farewells &000000000000007000000070&00000000000000020000002&00000000000000042000004.2A Thousand and One Farewells Hozan - Mor Dhona - Fogfens - Revenant's Toll (22.7-7) Gil Icon.png1,897
&00000000000000042000004.2&00000000000000020000002&000000000000007000000070A Thousand and One Farewells
It Takes an Enclave &000000000000007000000070&00000000000000030000003&00000000000000042000004.2It Takes an Enclave Kozakura - Doman Enclave - Shazenkai  (5.5-5.5) Gil Icon.png1,106
&00000000000000042000004.2&00000000000000030000003&000000000000007000000070It Takes an Enclave
Lighting the Way &000000000000007000000070&00000000000000040000004&00000000000000044000004.4Lighting the Way Kozakura - Doman Enclave - Shazenkai  (7.2-7.3) Gil Icon.png2,000
Guaranteed Items
Yanxian Merchant's Haori
&00000000000000044000004.4&00000000000000040000004&000000000000007000000070Lighting the Way

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