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Category:Fading Hearth Monster

<< Fading Hearth

Name X-Y Levels Drops Info
Terminus Drainer x:21.5 y:25.4 80  Aggressive.png
Terminus Idolizer x:21.4 y:22.8 80  Aggressive.png
Terminus Lacerator x:21.4 y:26.4 80  Aggressive.png
Terminus Reaper x:21.4 y:26.4 80  Aggressive.png
Terminus Slitherer x:21.4 y:23.5 80  Aggressive.png
Terminus Twitcher 21.4-26.4 80  Aggressive.png
Terminus Vanquisher x:21.5 y:25.4 80  Aggressive.png
Therion 21.4-20.2 80  Aggressive.png

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