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These flowers are specifically for growing in planters and, once harvested, can be placed in vases to create customized furnishings. Once seeds are planted, there are nine possible colors into which the flower can bloom. The outcome is dependent on the use of pigmented fertilizers, which come in three variations and can be applied once per hour throughout the 24h growth window:

Red Pomace Increases red pigment in flowers.
Blue Pomace Increases blue pigment in flowers.
Mountain Pomace Increases yellow pigment in flowers.

These fertilizers follow the basic rules of subtractive color and influence the likely outcome. However, any fertilizers used increase the pool of total possible outcomes, presumably weighted towards the outcome stated as the most likely upon checking the plant. For example, one Red Pomace and one Blue Pomace is likely to result in a purple flower, but might also result in a red or a blue flower, as well. Note that the default color of most flowers is red (violas default to purple, daisies default to yellow), but that this default color does not contribute to color mixing (e.g. a default red rose with blue fertilizer will result in a blue-weighted flower; weighting it towards purple will require a red fertilizer, as well.)

Using these mixes, six variations of flowers can be obtained:


Using one of each fertilizer will trigger a message claiming that "unusual" results may occur, adding three previously unattainable outcomes to the possible pool. This also resets the color balance to the default color (red except for violas), and the flowers can then be re-weighted towards a specific likely outcome while retaining the possibility for "unusual" outcomes.

Unusual Outcomes:

Rainbow, (pink instead for the Shroud Cherry Sapling)

Quick Reference[edit]

Fertilizer Likely Result
0 0 0 red flowers
1 0 0 red flowers
1 0 1 orange flowers
0 0 1 yellow flowers
0 1 1 green flowers
0 1 0 blue flowers
1 1 0 purple flowers
1 1 1 default color + "Unusual" Results
2 1 1 red flowers + "Unusual" Results
2 1 2 orange flowers + "Unusual" Results
1 1 2 yellow flowers + "Unusual" Results
1 2 2 green flowers + "Unusual" Results
1 2 1 blue flowers + "Unusual" Results
2 2 1 purple flowers + "Unusual" Results