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Category:Genus:Armored Dragon

Icon.pngArmored Dragon
Higher Taxonomy Ranks
Armored Dragon
Lower Taxonomy Ranks

Common Drops

(&00000000000000040000004) Dynamis Crystal Icon.png Dynamis Crystal
(&00000000000000010000001) Diamondback Icon.png Diamondback

Name Levels Zone Info
Armored Telodragon 80 Paglth'an (Zone)  Aggressive.png
Cuca Fera 50 The Stone Vigil (Hard) (Zone)
Horde Armored Dragon 50 Steps of Faith  Aggressive.png
Stellar Shelled Dragon 89 Ultima Thule - Ostrakon Deka-okto  (7.8-22.5)  Aggressive.png
Tarasque 53 The Dravanian Forelands - Avalonia Fallen  Aggressive.pngFATE Icon.png

Additional actions may be used by specific Species or specific Mobs. See specific species/mob pages for additional actions.

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