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Canis Pugnax
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For centuries, remote tribes from Ilsabard's eastern fringes have trained hounds to fight the terrible creatures that roam the continent's darker corners. Recognizing opportunity in this violent tradition, the Imperial Garlean Army has followed suit, establishing their own breeding programs using pups commandeered in the name of the Emperor.[1]
Name Levels Zone Info
12th Legion Canis Pugnax 69 Castrum Abania (Zone) - Storage Compound  Aggressive.png
12th Legion Canis Pugnax 70 Ala Mhigo (Zone) - Palace Gardens  Aggressive.png
3rd Cohort Canis Pugnax 60 Baelsar's Wall (Zone) - Castrum Oriens (Baelsar's Wall)  Aggressive.png
Canis Perdito 58 The Fringes - East End - Bittermill  Aggressive.pngFATE Icon.png
Canis Pugnax ?? Garlemald - Regio Urbanissima  Aggressive.png
Dingo 48 Eureka Pyros - West Flamerock  (14.5-8.5)  Aggressive.png
Doman Canis Pugnax 67 Doma Castle (Zone) - Ichi-no-Kuruwa  Aggressive.png
Schola Canis Pugnax 70 The Ghimlyt Dark (Zone) - The Last Line - The Trenches (6.2-14.0, 7.3-14.1)  Aggressive.png
Schola Canis Pugnax 70 The Ghimlyt Dark (Zone) - The First Line - Crash Site (9.0-12.4, 9.9-11.9, 11.3-12.2)  Aggressive.png
Telocanis 82 Magna Glacies  Aggressive.png

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