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Unlike most Eorzean vilekin which feature only one or two pairs of wings, damselflies possess six, though only the uppermost pair is thought to be used by the insect in flight. Some naturalists have theorized that the remaining five leaf-like pairs serve to lure smaller vilekin in search of a meal- vilekin which the fly then consumes itself. Damselflies are also known to be extremely territorial and will move about the same path for almost their entire life, attacking any so foolish as to cross into their domain. [1]
Name Levels Zone Info
Buzzfly 65 The Azim Steppe - Nhaama's Retreat  Aggressive.png
Damselfly 58 The Dravanian Hinterlands - The Answering Quarter  (24-19)  Aggressive.png
Egglaying Damselfly The Dravanian Hinterlands - The Collectors' Quarter  (18-16)  Aggressive.png
Expecting Damselfly 55 The Churning Mists - Four Arms  (21-30)  Aggressive.png
Gadfly 50 The Lost City of Amdapor (Zone)  Aggressive.png
Skimmer 1 The Fringes - East End  Aggressive.png

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