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Category:Genus:Flower Basket

Beastiary Icon2.pngFlower Basket
Higher Taxonomy Ranks
Flower Basket
Lower Taxonomy Ranks

Common Drops

(&00000000000000010000001) Bitsy Basket (Key Item) Icon.png Bitsy Basket (Key Item)

It is said these botanical beasts were originally golems created long ago in the kingdom of Voeburt, conceived by mages to tend the royal gardens. Their present, floral appearance is the work of fae folk who settled there after the kingdom's fall, and indiscriminately bathed the land in pixie magicks. The result: beautiful flowerbeds as far as the eye can see, as well as a new breed of gardening guardians.[1]
Name Levels Zone Info
Bitsy Basket 70-80 Il Mheg - Timh Gyeus  (6.5-30.6)  Aggressive.png
Domovoi 80 Il Mheg  Passive.png
Flower Basket 72 Il Mheg - Timh Gyeus  (8-31)  Aggressive.png

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