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Giant Hornet Icon.pngGiant Hornet
Higher Taxonomy Ranks
Giant Hornet
Lower Taxonomy Ranks

Common Drops

(&000000000000001000000010) Honey Icon.png Honey
(&00000000000000020000002) Final Sting Icon.png Final Sting

Name Levels Zone Info
Dung Wespe 35 The Sunken Temple of Qarn - The Adytum of Lalafuto IV  Aggressive.png
Erle 70 The Fringes  Aggressive.png
Giant Bee 25-29 East Shroud - Nine Ivies  Aggressive.png
Huge Hornet 1-4 Central Thanalan - Spineless Basin  Passive.png
Killer Wespe 13 Middle La Noscea - Three-malm Bend  (15-13, 16-13, 15-15)  Passive.png
King Wespe 13 Middle La Noscea - Three-malm Bend  (14-15)  Aggressive.pngFATE Icon.png
Man-eating Hornet 10 Central Thanalan - Spineless Basin  (24.8-34.6)  Aggressive.png
Stinging Sophie 50 East Shroud  Passive.png
Temple Bee 35 Southern Thanalan  Aggressive.png
Wespe 10-13 Middle La Noscea - Three-malm Bend
Name Description
Final Sting (Mob Action) Sacrifice remaining HP to deal massive damage to a target.
Sharp Sting Pierce a foe with a stinger.

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